The first Big Gate.

Gates of Whimsy (Japanese: きまぐれゲート Kimagure Gēto) are mysterious doors that appear in Yo-kai Watch games. They're also unusual gateways to sub-dimensions that offer challenges to whoever steps through the doorway, as well as offering rewards for besting them.

Diana Gately is known to be a researcher, and tasks the player with finding a certain amount of Gate Globes (Japanese: ゲートボール Gēto Bōru) to unlock the Big Gates.


In Yo-kai Watch 2, the Gates of Whimsy start appearing after the Quest by Mrs. Gately is complete. The Gates respawn by sleeping 1 in-game day. Though it is possible to get the same gate to respawn by soft resetting the area.

An example of this is a gate that appears near the river next to the hospital by soft resetting the area by going to shoppers row it is possible for the gate to respawn.

In Yo-kai Watch 3,

Types of Gates

There are a few different types of Gates in the overworld. They include:

  • Battle Room: You must battle a set number of Yo-kai to complete the Gate.
  • Speed Room: You have to escape within the time limit.
  • Expert Room: Usually contain only one Yo-kai at a high rank. They must be fought in order to complete the gate.
  • Bizarre Room: As the name suggests, it is a mysterious room with no fixed goal. It often involves completing tasks given by NPCs.

Big Gates

Big Gates are giant, fixed Gates of Whimsy located within the Gourd Pond Museum Vault, locked to the player unless they have enough Gate Globes to feed the doors.

The first of the Big Gates need 5 Gate Globes to unlock, which opens to a dimension with more Big Gates to feed, which increases in count from left to right. The leftmost door needs 10, the left 20, the right 30, and the rightmost 40. In the center, there is the largest of the Big Gates, but in order to access it, the player must clear the other Big Gates. Once done, it opens a way to a boss battle with Eyephoon.


These are the known Gates of Whimsy.

Yo-kai Watch 2

Gate Location Type of Gate Area Yo-kai Treasure Reward Rarity 1%-100% Goal
Outside Gourd Pond Museum Battle room Banter Bakery Dummkap,


Gate Globe Gate Globe 100% of the Gate (Absolutely Sure) 2 battles
Hot Springs Toys iZ We Snaggly, Sandmeh, Lafalotta, Squeeky None 2 Gate Globes 90% (-)  ??
Outside Frostia's Place Battle Room Bernstein House - 1F Pupsicle, Slush 2 Gate Globes ? % (-) ??
Next to the river by the entrance to Uptown Springdale Battle Room Breezy Hills Buhu, Leggly, Nosirs None 2 Gate Globes 20% of Gate (-)  ??
Parking lot left of Blossom Heights Everymart Bizarre Room Timers & More None 3 Gate Globes  ???  ??% (-)
By the Apartments and is on the right side of the building and inside the garden Wisteria Gardens Lie-In, Snotsolong, Ake, None 2 Gate Globes 40% of Gate (-)
North of Shopper's Row Everymart, left of large parking lot Battle Room Nom Burger Terrorpotta, Wazzat, Shmoopie, Cutta-nah, Signibble 3 Gate Globes  ?% (-)  ??
Under the bridge in Uptown Springdale near the river connecting it to the north side of Blossom Heights Battle Room Bernstein House - 1F Snotsolong None 4 Gate Globes 50% (-) 4 Battles
In the lot of the Breezy Hill's Store Battle Room The Store of Breezy Hills ??? None 5 Gate Globes 5% of Gate (-) 5 Battles

Yo-kai Watch 3

Notes and References

  • Some Gates are in the same locations however are a different type of gate.
  • In the Yo-kai Watch the First Movie, The Gates of Whimsy are kind of like the Time Stones and Gates of Whimsy also appear in several episodes of the Yo-kai Watch Anime.

In other languages

  • Italian: Portali Bizzarri
  • German: Portal der Launen
  • Dutch: Grillige Poorten
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