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Gnomine (Japanese: ざしきわらし・怪 Zashiki-warashi Kai) is Gnomey under the control of a Wicked Yo-kai.

Gnomine evolves from Gnomey when fused with an Essence of Evil.


Gnomine looks similar to Gnomey (Due to it actually being Gnomey.) The only difference (Like all Wicked possessed Yo-kai) has a darker color scheme, a blue foggy mask, and red eyes. Gnomine still has Gnomey's blue top, yellow bag, and butterfly net.


Game data


His English name is the negative possessive phrase "No, Mine!" put together, with the combination of the word "gnome".

"Pillastre" combines "Pillo" (Rascal) and "Desastre" (Disaster).


In other languages

  • Italian: Gnomalsorty
  • German: Pechtel
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Duentim
  • Spanish: Pillastre
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