The Goriki tribe (Japanese: ゴーリキ族 Gōriki-zoku) is one of the Yo-kai Tribes introduced in Yo-kai Watch Shadowside.

The Yo-kai in this tribe have amazing physical strength, and are very strong. Most of them were previously from the Brave tribe.

The emblem is a red pair of flexing arms.

List of Goriki Yo-kai

Shadowside Yo-kai

Yo-kai Lightside Shadowside
Merameraion (Shadowside) BlazionLightside BlazionShadowside
Sakigake Merameraion Sakigake Merameraion Ark (L) Sakigake Merameraion Ark (S)
Rai Oton (Shadowside) PapaBoltLightside PapaBoltShadowside
Todoroki Rai Oton C3BA51BD-1D74-423B-B3B0-255C34DBDBC7 A839561D-1D00-4987-8BCA-36886E1AA3ED
Orochi (Shadowside) LSOrochi SSOrochi
Kage Orochi (Shadowside)
Kage Orochi Lightside
Kage Orochi Shadowside
Hakuryu Orochi Hakuryu OrochiArk (L) Hakuryu OrochiArk (S)
Tsuchigumo (Shadowside) Arachnus Ark (L) Arachnus Ark (S)
Shogunyan Shogunyan Ark (L) Shogunyan Ark (S)
Shurakoma ShurakomaArk ShurakomaArk(S)
Jii-tan/Satan Claus Jii-tan Satan Claus
Ryuutou Rasetsu/Ryuutou Benibana RyuutouRasetsuArk RyuutouKoukaArk
Yamata no Orochi YamataNoOrochiLightArk YamataNoOrochiShadowArk

Onechanside Yo-kai

Yo-kai Lightside Onechanside
Venoct/Venoct Zhou Yu VenoctExtremeRare Ark VenoctZhouYuArk-0
Blazion/Baby Merameraion BlazArk (L) BlazArk (O)
Sgt. Burly SGT. Burly Art
NoneArk (S)
Liarbird LiarbirdArk (L) LiarbirdArk (O)
Goku Bushinyan GokuBushArk (L) GokuBushArk (O)
Goku Orochi Goku Orochi 2 Goku Orochi 1
Mochismo Mochismo Official Artwork NoneArk (S)


Goriki is derived from "gōriki" (Japanese: 剛力 incredible physical strength).


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