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Gyuuki (Japanese: 牛鬼 Gyuuki), is an S Rank Yo-kai of the Mononoke tribe.



Gyuuki has a black ox head with four yellow eyeballs, orange irises, and black pupils. It has sharp teeth and its tongue sticks out of its mouth. It has white horns with purple tips coming out of the sides of its head. It has a black spider body with pink and red fur-like hair, with white pincers that have purple tips.

It's said that the Gyuuki is a brutal Yo-kai that was born from a rampaging cow and a poison spider.


Gyuuki is based on the Yo-kai of the same name, Gyuuki, also known as "Ushi-oni". A creature which appears in the folklore of Japan. There are various kinds of "Ushi-oni", all of them some sort of monster with a horned, bovine head. The "Ushi-oni" has a different appearance based mainly on geographical location. It most often has the head of an ox with some Oni-like attributes, sharp horns curving upward, sharp fangs, and a slender tongue. The body is most commonly depicted as spider-like with six legs and long singular claws at the end of each appendage.

Perhaps the most famous "Ushi-oni" appears as a protective symbol in the Uwajima Ushi-oni Festival, which is held in late July in Uwajima of Ehime Prefecture. Something like the dragon dancers at a Chinese New Year celebration, this "Ushi-oni" is represented with a huge, multiple-person costume with a cloth body and a carved, painted head held upon a pole. It has an Oni-like head, a long neck, and the body of an ox. The body is either red or brown with shaggy hair similar to the coat of a yak. A short sword replaces its tail, and it is thought to drive away evil spirits.


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