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Harrisville from the past

Harrisville (present)


Harrisville (Japanese: ケマモト村 Kemamoto-mura) is a countryside village located far away from Springdale and featured in Yo-kai Watch 2 and Yo-kai Watch 3. It is the village in which the player's Grandma resides in, and the location of Nathaniel/Kenny's secret base.


Places of interest

Grandma's House

Located in the north-east of the village, the player's Grandma lives here in the present time, however the house is vacant in Old Harrisville. There is a bed to change between day and night, and an Eyepo as well as a Mirapo inside.

Harrisville Station

Harrisville Station (Japanese: ケマモト駅 Kemamoto-eki) is part of the Echo Line and the primary way of accessing the main village. Outside the station there is an Eyepo, a Mirapo and a bus that takes the player to Harrisville for $2.00. Later on, a Miradox is found there in the second game as well, who is used to travel to Old harrisville and back.

Yo-kai Watch 3

Like San Fantastico, Harrisville makes a return in the third game, where it is now an optional area. It retains all of it's features and sub-areas. An exception is the Infinite Tunnel, Which has been replaced by the Hazy Lane.


The town's Japanese name "Kemamoto" is based on a small village in the Kumamoto Perfecture, which is located in southwestern Japan.


  • The village's Japanese name, Kemamoto, is a reference to Kumamoto, a city and prefecture in south-west Japan.
    • This is supported by Harrisville's mascot Harry Barry, who bears a strong resemblance to the real-life Kumamon, the mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture, who also cameos in the game during Harry Barry's Request.
  • As the birthplace of the first ever Yo-kai Watch, the village's English name, Harrisville, may be named for John Harrison, the inventor of the first sea-worthy pocket watch.

In Other Languages

  • Italian: Harrilandia
  • Spanish: Vellón
  • German: Petzlingen
  • Dutch: Roerlo
  • French: Ourcival