Harrisville (Japanese: ケマモト村 Kemamoto-mura) is a countryside village that appears in Yo-kai Watch games. It is a village located far away from Springdale, and is where the player's Grandma resides.


In the games

Yo-kai Watch 2

Harrisville plays a major role in Yo-kai Watch 2, being the setting for several events during the main storyline. It is also visited in the past, where it is known as Old Harrisville.

Yo-kai Watch 3

Like San Fantastico, Harrisville makes a return in the third game, where it is now an optional area. It retains all of its features and sub-areas. An exception is the Infinite Tunnel, of which the function had been taken over by Hazy Lane.

Unlike in Yo-kai Watch 2, Old Harrisville is nonexistent.

Places of interest

Grandma's House

Temple of Virtue

Infinite Tunnel

Main article: Infinite Tunnel

a mysterious tunnel that seems to never end. What lies at the other end remains a mystery, though locals believe that an evil monster haunts the place. As a consequence of this, the townspeople built a wall in place of the entrance, rendering it inaccessible in Yo-kai Watch 3.

Harrisville School

A small elementary school that is rather limited in what they can offer. The staff tries to prepare students for graduation to the best of their ability. They also gladly accept transfer students.

Harrisville Station Plaza

Harrisville Station Plaza (Japanese: ケマモト駅 Kemamoto-eki) is part of the Echo Line and the primary way of accessing the main village. Outside the station there is an Eyepo, a Mirapo, and also a Miradox that enables the player to travel back and forth between the present and the past.

Item Name Location Games
Cicada Sword Cicada Sword At the other side from the bus stop. YW3
Earth Charm Earth Charm At the northwestern part end of the area. YW3
Cucumber Cucumber x10 In the rice paddy fields, at the riverbank on the eastern side. YW2
Carrot Carrot x10 Behind the vegetable cart. YW2
AmazingMilk YWWW Amazing Milk On the path ending at the rice paddy field. YW2
Shaved Ice Shaved Ice x2 At the southeastern part of the riverbank. YW2
Candy Apple Candy Apple On the right side of the school. YW2
Sweet Rice Cakes Sweet Rice Cake x2 On the western part of the rice paddy field. YW3
Bamboo Shoot Bamboo Shoot x2 At the back of Grandma's house. YW3
Sukiyaki (3) Special Marbled Sukiyaki In the middle of the backyard of the house near the Candy Store. (Helicopter required) YW3
Medium Exporb Medium Exporb x2 In the northwestern part near the path across the river. YW2
Bitter Medicine Bitter Medicine At the path crossing that leads to Mount Middleton. YW2
Bronze Doll Bronze Doll x2 In the back yard of the Candy Shop. YW2
Black Doll Black Doll Given by Walkappa on a small island. (Helicopter required) YW3
YWCoinPurple Purple Coin x2 Near the southern entrance to the Rice Paddy Path YW2
YWCoinGreen Green Coin At the house located from the Rice Paddy Path. YW3
Kaima Element Essence of Evil Next to the right grave at the graveyard. YW3
Dancing Star2 Dancing Star At the shed where the Ninja Forest was located in Old Harrisville. YW2
Staminum Alpha Staminum Alpha At the house located from the Rice Paddy Path. YW3

In the anime

Yo-kai Watch: The Movie

In Yo-kai Watch: The Movie, Nate and his parents travel to this town to visit Nate's grandma / Lily Adams' mother, where they remain for the rest of the movie. Just like the second game, (on which the movie is heavily based) Nate and his Yo-kai friends travel between the two time periods, and they eventually end up in Old Springdale to deal with Dame Dedtime. They eventually are seen heading back to present Springdale by train during the credits sequence (similar to the second game's ending slideshow).


The town's Japanese name "Kemamoto" derives from the name of a small village in the Kumamoto Prefecture, which is located in Southwestern Japan.


  • As said above, Harrisville might reference the Kumamoto Prefecture. This is supported by Harrisville's mascot Harry Barry, who bears a strong resemblance to the real-life Kumamon, who is the mascot of the Prefecture, and coincidentally makes an appearance in the second game himself. This during one of Harry Barry's requests.
  • As the birthplace of the first ever Yo-kai Watch, the village's English name, Harrisville, may be named after John Harrison, the inventor of the first sea-worthy pocket watch.

In other languages

  • Italian: Harrilandia
  • Spanish: Vellón
  • German: Petzlingen
  • Dutch: Roerlo
  • French: Ourcival
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