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Harrisville (Japanese: ケマモト村 Kemamoto-mura) is a countryside village located far away from Springdale and featured in Yo-kai Watch 2 and Yo-kai Watch 3. It is the village in which the player's Grandma resides in, and the location of Nathaniel Adams/Kenny Forester's secret base in the past.


Harrisville at present time.

Places of interest

Grandma's House

Located in the north-east of the village, the player's Grandma lives here in the present time, however the house is vacant in Old Harrisville. There is a bed to change between day and night, and an Eyepo as well as a Mirapo inside.

Temple of Virtue

The shrine of Harrisville. It originally introduces the player to the concept of Soulcery, where it can also be performed. Fusion and soul strengthening is also available here as of Yo-kai Watch 3.

Mountain Market

A small shop that sells mostly greens from the area, such as Matsutakes.

Ninja Forest

A small open place with a tree that only exists in the past. It's home to Nathaniel's/Kenny's base.

Rice Paddy Path

A dungeon that's made up of some paddies of rice on a hillside. It has two exits.

Infinite Tunnel

a mysterious tunnel that seems to never end. What lies behind it remains a mystery, though locals believe that an evil monster haunts the place. As a consequence of this, the townspeople built a wall in place of the entrance, rendering it inaccessible in Yo-kai Watch 3.

Harrisville School

A small elementary school that is rather limited in what they can offer. The staff tries to prepare students for graduation to the best of their ability. They also gladly accept transfer students.

Bus Stop

The bus will take the player from the main town to the distant station plaza for 2,00$ a ride. In the past, this trip had to be done by foot.

Harrisville Station Plaza

Harrisville Station Plaza (Japanese: ケマモト駅 Kemamoto-eki) is part of the Echo Line and the primary way of accessing the main village. Outside the station there is an Eyepo, a Mirapo. Later on, a Miradox is found there in the second game as well, who is used to travel to Old Harrisville and back.


60 years prior, Harrisville was largely the same: the railroad already existed and it was the birthplace of Nathaniel, Kenny, Lucy and Kelly. Mount Middleton was already present, so was the school. Yet areas like the Infinite Tunnel were absent and the bus line that runs between the station plaza and the actual town was nonexistent. It also relied heavily on it's agriculture, even more so than in present time.

Old Harrisville

Harrisville as it appeared 60 years into the past.

Mount Middleton

A small mountain hill that lies North from the village. It has some small areas where Yo-kai and treasure boxes can be found. On top of the mountain is where the player meets Pallysol in the story of Yo-kai Watch 2. Some Rare Yo-kai also make their appearance here, such as Demuncher and Peppillon in Yo-kai Watch 2, or Alpina on Yo-kai Watch 3.

On top of the mountain is a binocular as well, which provides a nice view of the town below.

Atop Mount Middelton

A view upon Harrisville from the top of Mount Middleton, and the valleys surrounding the area.

Yo-kai Watch 3

Like San Fantastico, Harrisville makes a return in the third game, where it is now an optional area. It retains all of it's features and sub-areas. An exception is the Infinite Tunnel, which has been replaced by the Hazy Lane.


The town's Japanese name "Kemamoto" derrives from the name of a small village in the Kumamoto Perfecture, which is located in southwestern Japan.


  • As said above, Harrisville might reference Kumamoto. This is supported by Harrisville's mascot Harry Barry, who bears a strong resemblance to the real-life Kumamon, the mascot of The Kumamoto Prefecture, who himself makes a cameo in the game during a request from Harry Barry.
  • As the birthplace of the first ever Yo-kai Watch, the village's English name, Harrisville, may be named after John Harrison, the inventor of the first sea-worthy pocket watch.

In Other Languages

  • Italian: Harrilandia
  • Spanish: Vellón
  • German: Petzlingen
  • Dutch: Roerlo
  • French: Ourcival
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