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Indiana Jaws (Japanese: インディ・J (ジョーズ) Indi Jōzu) is a Rank A, Water-attribute Yo-kai of the Slippery tribe.



Indiana Jaws is a humanoid shark Yo-kai wearing a white shirt with brown pants and a belt as well as a red scarf and a cowboy hat. He has a scar on his left eye and wields a Yo-kai Magnum.

According to the anime, both Indiana Jaws and his sister Cindy used to be regular sharks, living in the ocean. One day, their parents were captured by humans, leaving Indiana Jaws to take care of Cindy alone. At some later point, they both became Yo-kai.

Often, Indiana Jaws attacks with his blaster. Despite being a novice adventurer, his knowledge sometimes holds true, such as correctly suspecting the treasure in El Dorago's ruin to be rigged with traps. He dislikes freshwater, noting that he came from a saltwater school.

He tends to suspect ruins are trapped filled( and keeps activating them.)


Cindy Jaws

Cindy Jaws is Indiana Jaws's sister who was transformed from a shark Yo-kai into a human. After Are Bachino’s defeat, Cindy Jaws was transformed back into her Yo-kai form, and the siblings were reunited.


Shovulcan is one of Indiana Jaws's close friends. They watch adventure films together and "Air Adventure" which is when they imagine going on actual adventures. However, he disapproves of his behaviour toward a sexy Cindy.

Jibanyan T

Jibanyan T is one of Indiana Jaws's close friends. Despite this, in the anime, Jibanyan T is often to shown to be exhausted by Indiana's long explanations and tendency to fall into traps.

Komasan T

Komasan T is one of Indiana Jaws's close friends. Komasan T appears to idolize Indiana Jaws, often showing to be impressed by Indiana Jaws's "knowledge" of adventuring.


Zomboy and Indiana Jaws seem to be friends. They both have a mutual understanding for each other's problems as, opposite to Indiana Jaws with his sister, Zomboy seeks to find Yodelsen to become human again. Both of them also have a running gag of easily falling into traps.

In the games, they are also shown to bond a little over their care for Nyanses II and Cindy respectively.


Yo-kai Watch Animation Series

Indiana Jaws is an archaeologist, and a so-called "Air Adventurer" as a hobby, meaning that, similar to playing air guitar, he pretends to go on adventures but does not actually go on real adventures. But after an event that turns his sister into a human, he finally goes on an actual real adventure, to seek out the eight Hidden Treasure Yo-kai with Jibanyan T, Komasan T, and Shovulcan acting as his handy helpers.

Yo-kai Watch 3

Indiana Jaws is befriended through a sidequest after beating the game, the sidequest is started when talking to Buck in front of Adam's House, after clearing the sidequest you can battle him in the basement once a day. (Due to a glitch that stops from interacting with him on unfortunately.)

Game data


Water Attribute
Indiana Jaws
Level 30
Fire Attribute



Water Attribute
Indiana Jaws
Fire Attribute


Fire Attribute



Stats Calculation
This shows Indiana Jaws's stat on level: 99.


Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Shot 50-110 Single enemy
No description.
Technique Rapids 50-110 Water Single enemy
No description.
Inspirit Spirit of Adventure SPD UP Single ally
Fills an ally with thoughts of adventure. SPD rises.
Soultimate Move Sharkshooting 210-315 1 column
Quickly unleashes an intense beam directed at the column in front.
Skill Ransack
Always steals an item while attacking.


Indy Jaws name is derived from both the fictional archaeologist Indiana Jones, and Jaws.


As his name implies, Indiana Jaws is based on Indiana Jones.


Receiving Food (favourite) Adventuresome!

Receiving Food (average) I'll grab that!

Receiving food (disliked) What's this?!

Loafing  Hanging up my whip...

Befriended What incredible must join me on my next great expedition!

Traded What's this?! A whole new land of boundless mystery and opportunity!

Recurring catchphrase: "Wait! Do you want to die?"

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese インディ・J Indi Jōzu
Flag of France French Indiana Jaws
Flag of Spain Spanish Tibu Jones
Flag of Germany German Indiana Jaws
Flag of Italy Italian Indiana Squalones

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