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The Inu Tokumeitai (Japanese: イヌー特命隊 Inuu Tokumeitai) is a group of Aliens summoned by Elna in YG041. They are the final bosses of the September update of Y School Heroes: Bustlin' School Life.

The group consists of five members: Poo (Japanese: プー Puu), Tosan (Japanese: トサン Tosan), Huskian (Japanese: ハスキアン Hasukian), Akiko (Japanese: アキコ Akiko), and Doleru (Japanese: ドルルー Doruruu).


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The Inu Tokumeitai is an all-female team that is under the command of Elzemekia, and is responsible for Chiaki's experiment.

Poo is a pink teacup poodle, and is the leader of the group. In the game, she has extremely high HP.

Tosan, which represents the power, is a large, green Tosa. She mainly uses attacks that rams towards her enemies, and has high defense.

Huskian, which represents speed, is a blue husky. She usually pursues enemies by running on high speed, tracking them easily.

Akiko is an orange Akita. While her position is unknown, she is very active.

Doleru is a purple standard poodle. While her position is unknown, she uses wide-ranged attacks like energy hammers.


Game Data


Name Origin

"Inu Tokumeitai" literally translates to "Dog Special Task Force."

"Poo" and "Doleru" are puns on "poodle." "Tosan" is a pun on "Tosa." "Huskian" is a pun on "husky." "Akiko" is a pun on "Akita."


Each member is based on a different dog breed. Poo is based on a teacup poodle. Tosan is based on a Tosa. Huskian is based on a husky. Akiko is based on an Akita. Doleru is based on a standard poodle. and their grouping is a reference to the Super Sentai groups.


  • As of the September update of the Y School Heroes game, they are the second female final bosses after Dame Dedtime.
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