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Jabow (Japanese: ジャー坊 Jābō) is a Rank A Yo-kai of the Omamori Tribe. He is the mascot of Omuta, Japan, who appears in Yo-kai Watch 4.



Jabow is an anthropomorphic snake. He has black skin with red markings on his face and ears. At the tip of his tail is a rhomboid-shaped red gemstone. His outfit resembles that of a coal miner.


Name Origin

"Jabow" comes from a snake known as "Ojayama."


Jabow is the real life mascot of Omuta, Japan. He's described as a snake in a coal miner's uniform, for the city has a mining history and holds yearly snake festivals. He is based on the Daija (大蛇) or "Giant Snake," a youkai that is worshipped as the deity guardians of the Shiga Highlands.


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