Jason Forester is a minor character of the Yo-kai Watch series and is the father of Katie and the husband of Rebecca Forester.


In the anime

Jason Forester made his debut EP049, he is seen in a photo towards the end of the episode with his wife and his daughter.

He later appears in EP067 in Whisper's dream with Katie as owner.

In the games

Yo-kai Watch

Jason Forester first appeared in Yo-kai Watch. If Katie is picked as the main character, Jason will be the player's father.

In the second chapter, when Katie returns home after first acquiring the Yo-kai Watch and meeting Whisper, she finds his parents having an argument over the housework. Rebecca accuses her husband of not helping her with it at all, leaving her to do everything.

Katie soon discovers the reason for their sudden irritation at one another is Dismeralda, who has inspirited both of them.

With the help of Jibanyan, Dismarelda is defeated, and once her husband, Happierre, shows up, she calms down and apologizes.

After being freed from the Yo-kai's influence, Katie's parents apologize for their behavior, promising to help and respect each other more from now on, and the chapter ends with the entire family preparing dinner together.

If Nate is picked as the main character, Jason's role is much smaller, but he can still be found in Katie's house and can be talked to.

Physical traits



Katie Forester

Katie is his daughter.

Rebecca Forester

Rebecca is his wife. They're shown to be very affectionate with one another, usually. Whisper notes that they're so loving, its no wonder Dismarelda became envious of them.

Kenny Forester and Kelly Forester

Kenny and Kelly Jelly are his parents.


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