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Jessica Stonewood (Japanese: 石ノ森ユウカ Ishinomori Yuuka) is a student from Hailey Anne's class 5-1.


Jessica Stonewood has short blue hair tied in a ponytail which is braided. She wears a long yellow dress up to her ankles with white leggings along with brown sandals. The top of her dress has a tiny little blue X and two white edges covering the lower part of her neck.


She seems to be very kind and polite to everyone she cares about, although sometimes she clearly doesn't know what to do with Hailey Anne's enthusiasm, and she often seems to try to talk her out of it.


Hailey Anne

Despite Jessica not sharing the same enthusiasm about the things Hailey Anne likes, the two are really close friends.



In other languages

  • Italian: Gessica Pietralegno
  • French: Jessica Rochebois


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