Jibanyan Liu Bei (Japanese: ジバニャン劉備 Jibanyan Ryūbi) is a Fire-attribute Commander Yo-kai of the Charming tribe and is also one of the playable main protagonists in Yo-kai Sangokushi. Introduced as Rank D, he was promoted to Rank S with Yo-kai Watch 3.

He is one of the Yo-kai required to unlock Bushinyan Ryu Ho in Yo-kai Sangokushi.

In Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble, he is a Rank B Yo-kai.

According to his Yo-kai Keystone, he is classed as the Mononoke tribe.


Video games

Anime series


Jibanyan Liu Bei is Jibanyan, but wearing a Chinese commander outfit.


Yo-kai Sangokushi

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QR Code for Promise Pie.

Jibanyan Liu Bei can be picked as the main protagonist of the story. If Komasan Sun Ce or Usapyon Zhongda are chosen instead, Jibanyan Liu Bei can be automatically befriended during the story.

Yo-kai Watch 3

  1. (Japan) Link Yo-kai Sangokushi with Yo-kai Watch 3. Then, go to either Lambert Post Office or Skycutter Post Office to receive the Promise Pie.(International) Head to Piggleston Bank or Acornia Bank and scan the QR Code on the right. The QR Code will give the player the Promise Pie.
  2. Head to Blossom Heights and go to Old Mansion - Side House.
  3. Talk to either Jibanyan Liu Bei, Komasan Sun Ce, or Usapyon Zhongda. The player will be challenged to a battle with all three Yo-kai.
  4. If the player does not befriend Jibanyan Liu Bei during the battle, they must wait for the next day to get another chance at befriending him.

Game Data


Fire Attribute
Jibanyan Liu Bei
Jibanyan Liu Bei
Level 30
Fire Attribute



Fire Attribute
Jibanyan Liu Bei
Jibanyan Liu Bei
Fire Attribute


Fire Attribute



Jibanyan Liu Bei
Stats Calculation
This shows Jibanyan Liu Bei's stat on level: 99.


Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Sharp Claws 10-45x2
No description.
Technique Blaze 50-110 Fire
No description.
Inspirit Slow Down
Makes a foe unable to move with a paralyzing seal.
Soultimate Move Paws of Fury 20x5
Punches foes in range with paws trained on moving vehicles.
Skill Quick Reflexes Self
Dodges attacks like you wouldn't believe!


  • Befriended: "Hey, can we stop fighting and just chill out, nyan?"
  • Loafing: "Slumber time..."
  • Receiving food (favorite): "That's nyice!"
  • Receiving food (normal): "Thanks!"
  • Receiving food (disliked): "Nyot nyice!"
  • Traded: "How nyice it is to meet you, nyan! Let us battle wisely together, nya!"

In the anime


"Jibanyan Liu Bei" is a combination of "Jibanyan" and "Liu Bei", but due to text-limitations is shortened as "Jibanyan L. Bei" in Spanish. (See Jibanyan#Etymology)


He is based on Liu Bei, an important historical figure in China's Three Kingdoms Period and one of the grand generals. 


  • Jibanyan Liu Bei, along with other 19 Commander Yo-kai, is the first Yo-kai to be transitioning to a main series Yo-kai Watch game.
  • Due to text-limitations his name is shortened to "Jiban. Liu Bei".

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of France French Jibanyan Liu Bei Same as the English name
Flag of Spain Spanish Jibanyan Liu Bei Same as the English name
Flag of Germany German Liu-Bei-Jibanyan
Flag of Italy Italian Jibanyan Liu Bei Same as the English name

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