Not to be confused with Junior, who calls himself "Jii-tan.".

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Jii-tan (Japanese: 爺たん Jī-tan), also known as Satan Claus (Japanese: サタンクロース Satan kurōsu) is a Shadowside Yo-kai of the Goriki tribe.


in his lightside form Jii-tan is a Santa Claus-like creature who’s body is red and has a white beard just like the Christmas legend, Santa Claus.

in his shadowside form Satan Claus resembles a twisted, monstrous version of Santa Claus. He has a hulking body, pale yellow eyes, and fangs. He carries a white sack with teeth.


Yo-kai Watch Shadowside: Minor Yo-kai


Jii-tan is derived from Jii (Japanese: old man), and the informal, childish suffix (Japanese: たん -tan). Coincidentally, "-tan" is also the ending of the word satan, tying the two forms together.

Satan Claus is derived from Satan and Santa Claus.


  • Junior uses the name Jii-tan as his nickname, albeit spelled differently in Japanese.
  • Though it’s revealed to be a member of the Goriki tribe, the Yo-Kai Watch Toy Website shows its ark imprinted with the symbol of the Omamori tribe. (See link [1]) This may be a reference to The Guardians series by William Joyce, which focuses on 5 characters that safeguard children's dreams, Santa Claus is one of them.
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