Not to be confused with Junior, who calls himself "Jii-tan.".

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Jii-tan (Japanese: 爺たん Jī-tan), also known as Satan Claus (Japanese: サタンクロース Satan kurōsu) is a Shadowside Yo-kai of the Goriki tribe.


in his lightside form Jii-tan is a Santa Claus-like creature. He has an oval shape and brown skin. He wears a red Christmas hat with wisp at the end and has a white beard.

in his shadowside form, Satan Claus resembles a twisted, monstrous version of Santa Claus. He has a hulking body, pale yellow eyes, and fangs. He carries a white sack with teeth.

In battle, Satan Claus can summon presents with teeth as weapons or as a shield. The presents and his bag appear to be sentient, much like Chirpster's boxes.


Yo-kai watch Shadowside

Jii-tan appears in SS033, where he ambushed random houses with a young boy and an older girl who were awake at 2a.m. To ambush Satan Claus, Komajiro(SS) slid underneath a couch at the Adams House and was used to bait out the Yo-kai, which worked. Satan Claus immediately fled after the ambush, but accidentally ran into a corner. He overwhelmed Jibanyan(SS) and Komasan(SS), but was defeated and purified after being hit by a Yo-jitsu dart Ayame hurled at him.

It was then revealed that, like Hungramps, in life he was a caring grandfather who always gave his grandkids gifts. Unfortunately he passed on before Christmas and went in search for his family after becoming a Yo-kai and felt sad after his grandson did not like his toy.

After seeing his grandchildren again, he ascended to heaven and gave his Ark to the group, which Junior swallowed due to his dislike that his name was shared. It was later gotten back.


Jii-tan is derived from Jii (Japanese: old man), and the informal, childish suffix (Japanese: たん -tan). Coincidentally, "-tan" is also the ending of the word satan, tying the two forms together.

Satan Claus is derived from Satan and Santa Claus.


See Old Saint Trick#Origin


  • Junior uses the name Jii-tan as his nickname, albeit spelled differently in Japanese.
  • Though it’s revealed to be a member of the Goriki tribe, the Yo-Kai Watch Toy Website shows its ark imprinted with the symbol of the Omamori tribe. (See link [1]) This may be a reference to The Guardians series by William Joyce, which focuses on 5 characters that safeguard children's dreams, Santa Claus is one of them.
  • He is the first Shadowside Yo-kai to be linked to christmas, the second being Momy.
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