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Kamakiri On'na (Japanese: カマキリ女 Kamakiri On'na) is anime-exclusive Yo-kai of the Eerie tribe. She's a dark parallel version of Katie Forester.


Yo-kai Form

Her appearance as a Yo-kai features the top of her more human-like, while the bottom's more bug-like.

She wears a white shirt, with a pink colored vest shirt along with pink colored high heels. She also carries two saw hand blades in both of her hands.

Human Form

Her normal human appearance's similar to normal Katie. The only differences are that she has jagged eyes, sharp teeth, and her personality's rude, and obnoxious, while Katie's kind, happy, and cheerful. 


Yo-kai Watch animated series


  • Kamakiri On'na literally translates into Mantis Woman

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