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Karasu Tengu (Japanese: カラス天狗) is a Yo-kai of the Mononoke (tribe).

In Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble, he's an S Rank Yo-kai of the Brave Tribe.

Even though he is named Karasu Tengu, this particular Karasu Tengu appears to be a different individual from Tenguriginal.


  • M05: Minor Antagonist


Karasu Tengu is an anthropomorphic crow Yo-kai with blue and purple plumage, a black beak and teal colored circles around his eyes.

His outfit consists of a black tokin cap, a sleeveless jacket with a purple and teal underrobe, a yellow yui-gesa with 4 orange flames, an olive sash tied with a red rope and a black hakama; he seems to hold a large spear adorned with blue flames and a golden tip.



He first appears with Shien, while he, Shien and Shutendoji discuss the three humans at Lord Enma's side.


(see Karasu Tengu#Etymology)


  • He bears a striking resemblance to Tengloom, who is also being based on Karasu Tengu.
  • Karasu Tengu is so far the only bird Yo-kai of the Mononoke Tribe.
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