Kawauso (Japanese: かわうそ Kawauso), is a Rank C Yo-kai of the Mononoke Tribe.



kawwauso resembles of blue weasel wearing a straw hat and a green and turquoise shirt with an orange ribbon-like belt.



Name Origin

Kawauso is based on the youkai of the same name. In Japanese folklore, they fool humans like the fox (kitsune) and tanuki. In the Noto region, Ishikawa Prefecture, there are stories where they shapeshift into beautiful women or children wearing checker-patterned clothing, and if a human attempts to speak to one, they will answer "oraya" and then answer "araya," and if anybody asks them anything, then they say cryptic things like "kawai," and there are also dreadful stories like the one in the Kaga Province (now Ishikawa Prefecture) where an otter that lives in the castle's moat would shapeshift into a woman, invite males, and eat and kill them.


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