Kemushi-otoko (Japanese: けむし男 Kemushi-otoko) is a Yo-kai of the Charming tribe who only appears in the anime.

His attribute, rank, and other game information are currently unknown.


Kemushi-otoko looks like Nate in the Black Yo-kai Watch mini-series, but he has a red caterpillar like body with spiky stars all over it and small human hands.


He has a personality like Nate's, as he's lazy and unmotivated. He gets upset when unlucky things happen to him and puts his hand over his face. (This's usually when the black duo interrupt him).


Black Jibanyan and Black Komasan

He became friends with them and gave them his medal, so they usually summon him. Kemushi-otoko can always be seen following them around, the same way Whisper and Jibanyan follow Nate around.

He also seems to know Bear, Katie, and Eddie and is shocked when they become bug-like Yo-kai.


In the anime

He first started out as Nate, until Black Jibanyan and Black Komasan came into his room, and used the Black Yo-kai Watch to turn him into Kemushi-otoko in EP156. Ever since, he's been hanging out with them all the time.

In EP159, when Kemushi-otoko, Black Jibanyan, and Black Komasan got hit by Eddie, Kemushi-otoko told the Black Yo-kai Watch Eddie says Watches are girly wristbands which caused the latter to turn Eddie into Hae-otoko, then Kemushi-otoko made a scary face causing the bug Yo-kai to flee, Kemushi-otoko used his scary face for the first time when approaching Hae-otoko.

In the games

Unlike the other Kuroi Yo-kai, Kemushi-otoko does not appear in the games.


Kemushi-otoko literally translates into Caterpillar Man

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  • His medal comes with the Black Yo-Kai Watch toy, along with Black Jibanyan's medal.
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