Kenbumajin (Japanese: 剣武魔神 Kenbumajin) are Yo-kai introduced in Yo-kai Watch Shadowside. They're of a higher status than the Genjuu.


Kenbumajin are warrior-like humanoid Yo-kai, who can be summoned with the Yo-kai Watch Ogre, using items called "Sacred Armory".

List of Kenbumajin

Kenbumajin Appearance
Fudou Myouou FudouMyouOu.jpg
Fudou Myouou Ja FudouMyouOuJa.png
Fudou Myouou Ten FudouMyououTen.png
Fudou Myouou Boy Fudou Myouou Boy.png
Fudou Myouou-kai Fudou Myouou-kai.jpg
Suzaku Suzaku.png
Genbu Genbu New.jpg
Ashura (Kenbumajin) Ashura(Kenbumajin).jpg
Byakko Byakko2.jpg


  • It has been implied that all Kenbumajin have Genjuu forms.
  • The Gen'ou ("Gen-king") of the Genjuu had provided the Youseiken to the 5 of the Genjuu, thus granting them their Kenbumajin forms.
  • Douketsu formally wielded Ashura's Youseiken, so it was assumed that he was its wielder until Ashura's existence was revealed.
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