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Konsaru (Japanese: 魂サル Konsaru), is a Yo-kai of the Mononoke tribe.



Konsaru is an anthropomorphic monkey Yo-kai with light brown and peach fur, he has a pink facemark that goes around his eyes and a wisp-like marking on his belly, he wears a black bartender suit.


Konsaru runs Konkatsu, which is a shop that allows the player to befriend Yo-kai by spending Yo-kai souls. The player can also craft equipment items and boost their Yo-kai's stats with said souls.


Name Origin

魂 (Kon) is the Japanese word for soul. The "Saru" in his name means monkey.


  • Konsaru is a part of a new system that has been revealed to help you to be introduced to new Yo-kai. He will be your guide through this new system and it says that he'll find the perfect Yo-kai especially for you.
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