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Lappinitup (Japanese: 総ナメ Sōname) is a Rank A, Drain-attribute Yo-kai of the Brave tribe.

Lappinitup evolves from Tublappa when fused with a MVP Award.



Lappinitup is visually similar to Tublappa, but he has an extra tongue for hair. His hair is green and his skin is blue, and he wears a fancy tuxedo. He holds an MVP trophy in his hands.

When he inspirits a person, that person gains a lot of awards.


Yo-kai Watch 3

Lappinitup can be fused with Tublappa and a MVP Award. To obtain a MVP Award, the player must go to Whatta Find in Shoppers Row at nighttime and buy the MVP Award for $300.00

Yo-kai Watch Blasters 2

Lappinitup can once again be fused with Tublappa by using the MVP Award. To obtain the trophy, the player must go through Lappinitup's special dungeon. The trophy has a 20% chance of dropping from a Clu-T-Fact.


Stats Calculation
This shows Lappinitup's stat on level: 99.

Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Slurp Single enemy
No description.
Technique Drain Single enemy
No description.
Inspirit Lap it Up! (Japanese: 総なめさせる Sōname-suru)
Makes an ally lap up all the awards and boosts all their stats slightly.
Soultimate Move Tongue Red Carpet (Japanese: 総舌レッドカーペット Sōshita Red Carpet)
Laps up attention on the red carpet, wounding envious foes in range.
Skill Lap of Luxury (Japanese: 総なめ Sōname)
Steals Charms from all other Yo-kai.

In the anime

Lappinitup makes his first appearance in EP143, after he is found responsible for Eddie earning a large amount of awards during a ceremony in class. Nate then asks for Lappinitup to help him get a big award so Katie can be impressed, but Lappinitup would need to use his tongue to lick all over Nate's body. In the end, Nate gives in and has Lappinitup lick his entire body so he can win an even bigger award, but this causes his classmates to be surprised by Nate's sudden behavior, especially with Katie. Afterward in Komasan Taxi, Komasan and Komajiro are discussing with both Nate and Lappinitup about their bad behavior, but in the end Lappinitup licks Komasan causing him to be tickilish, ending the episode.


"Sōname" translates as "general licker". It's also a pun on sōname (総嘗め, "winning by a landslide").

"Lappinitup" is a play on the saying "Lapping it up" which means to take it all in.


  • Lappinitup is the first instance of a Yo-kai changing types when evolving, having changed into a Present Yo-kai after evolving from a Classic Yo-kai.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese 総ナメ Sōname
Flag of France French XXL de bain
Flag of Spain Spanish Chupapremios
Flag of Germany German Schlabbräumer
Flag of Italy Italian Leccalux
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