Lily is a minor character from Yo-kai Watch 3. She also makes various appearances in season 3 of the Anime Series.

She is not be confused with Lily Adams.


She is a girl of around the same age as Nate and Hailey Anne. She has dark-shaded mint-green hair done up in a high ponytail - held in place by a yellow band with two little stars - and small bangs at either side, as well a bigger one that goes from the center to the side. Lily has big eyes with a dark blue shade and high eyebrows.

Her normal outfit consists of a white T-shirt with red sleeves, light-blue ankle-length trousers and blue shoes, and finally a yellow hoodie that she has wrapped around her waist.

Her secondary outfit consists of a red shirt with a small design that is slighty off-shoulder. She wears a yellow tanktop underneath and has dark blue pants and pink-white sneakers.


Lily is an athletic, energetic and playful girl. She is also great at sports.

In the animated series, she can also be pretty giggly.


Yo-kai Watch animation series

She often appears as a background character. She is also in charge of flower arrangement at school, as revealed in episode 139.

Yo-kai Watch 3

Lily is found running around in Breezy Hills near Seabreeze Tunnel and asks the player if they want to run as well.

In Other Languages

  • Italian: Lilly
  • German: Lilli
  • French: Lilas
  • Spanish: Lola
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