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Yo-kai Watch: The Movie
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Yo-kai Watch the Movie: Lord Enma and the Five Tales, Nyan! (Japanese: 映画 妖怪ウォッチ エンマ大王と5つの物語だニャン! Eiga Yōkai Wotchi: Enma-daiō to Itsutsu no Monogatari da-nyan!), officially known in Japan as Yo-kai Watch the Movie: Five Tales From Beyond... Meow![1] is the second film of the Yo-kai Watch animated series. The movie was theatrically released in Japan on December 19, 2015.

The plot of this movie is divided into five stories, with each of them being different except for the last one that combines all of them together for the climax of the movie. This film most notably marks the debut of Lord Enma and Zazel, who would later become one of the major characters in Yo-kai Watch franchise.


Five different stories show the many different events that happened in each story, while a mysterious human watches the events happen. The stories all lead up to the main event, as the infamous Nurarihyon plots his revenge to sever ties between Yo-kai, and the humans.


Warning: plot & spoiler details are listed below.


Jibanyan appears at the beginning, telling the viewers that the movie is going to start as he swiftly dodges the trucks. He suddenly gets hit by a truck, and a view of characters that appear in the forthcoming stories are seen while Jibanyan flies off into the sky.

Afterwards, Whisper appears in a chair narrating to the audience about five different stories before he goes on to read the first part.

Episode 1: Nate Turned Into A Yo-kai

Nate walks down the street feeling tired about school, thinking he's "going to die". Whisper worriedly says that Nate needs to not say stuff like that in fear of him being jinxed, but Nate tells him about a difficult exam that is happening there and wishes that he could be a Yo-kai so he could live a more carefree life. Whisper is frustrated at his opinion, claiming that Yo-kai have their own struggles that can be worse than humans and whilst Nate understand him.

He notices a boy walking past a truck with metallic pipes on the road next to a construction site, which suddenly start to collapse onto him. Nate saves the boy from the crushing metallic pipes, and Whisper is happy at the deed he's done. When Nate says goodbye to the boy he saved, the boy suddenly summons a Yo-kai called Dethmetal from the snap of his fingertips and silently orders him to follow Nate.

When Nate is happy about saving the boy's life, he walks backwards carelessly with Whisper warning him about being falling over, only for Dethmetal to pull open the manhole cover where Nate was going to skip backwards, making Nate fall to his death. Whisper worriedly checks on Nate's corpse, but a spirit suddenly emerges from his body and doesn't believe that he has died. After Whisper tells him multiple times about his unexpected demise, Nate tries climb back up only for him to suddenly float which makes him realize that he's dead.

Nate ascends into the heavens, and eventually visits a building for recently-deceased humans in the Yo-kai World, where there is a long line of them waiting to become Yo-kai. After reaching the end, a deceased human gives his name as Fuu before Nate has trouble deciding on a name for what Yo-kai he wants to be. The naming Yo-kai gives him the name of Fuu 2, which makes Nate's spirit goes through some test tubes, eventually becoming the Yo-kai itself and having his photo on the Yo-kai Medal taken.

Yo-kai Fuu 2 is tasked to inspirit humans as part of his training course, with him asking what his ability which turns out to make people around him feel average. The other Yo-kai gives him a Yo-kai Watch U-1 in case of a human finding out a Yo-kai's responsibility for inspiriting humans, and forcefully sends Fuu 2 back into the human world.

At a school, a human named Yuto Arima finds out that he has gotten an averagely-achieving score on his test. His classmates surprised at his lower-than-usual results, with one of them questioning about his health but it turned out that Fuu 2 was inspiriting him. When Yuto arrives back at home, he feels depressed about his test score while Fuu 2 followed him into his bedroom. Fuu 2 knew this was the right time to tell him about Yo-kai and tell him about his responsibility for inspiriting him.

The Yo-kai leaves a Yo-kai Watch on the side of Yuto's bed, telling him to wear it on his wrist. He slowly approaches the Yo-kai Watch item whilst the Yo-kai chants him wear the watch, wears it on his wrist and finds Yo-kai Fuu 2 with the searchlight. After he introduces himself, the Yo-kai tells him about his time when he was a human before his death, only for Yuto to briefly theorize on what happens to humans when they die.

Fuu 2 apologies to Yuto after he believes that he was inspirited on his test score, making him to depressingly brush the problem aside and Fuu 2 worried about him. Later on in the evening, Yuto's parents bought him a gift to give after Yuto's tests are over. Fuu 2 sneakily looks inside the shopping bag, and develops a surprised reaction from the contents.

Next morning, Whisper unexpectedly meets up with Fuu 2, which makes the latter Yo-kai deny his name in frustration. Whilst Whisper heavily complimented on Nate's new Yo-kai appearance, he notices the star-shaped hole in his body where he sees something happening inside of it with Fuu 2 denying the fact at first but hurriedly rushes to Yuto at the school gates for him look inside the star-shaped hole.

Yuto decides to skip school and look around town because doesn't want to think about his education, which Fuu 2 tries to stop him from doing so. Time suddenly stops, which turns out to be an announcement from the Yo-kai registration and reminds Fuu 2 to not interfere in human problems other than inspiriting, otherwise Fuu 2 would be punished by turning into a Yo-kai like Whisper. Time starts to move again, and Nate decides to come with Yuto into the town with him joyfully accepting the offer.

They both spend the day visiting an amusement park and enjoy their time on the rides until the sun starts to set and stop at a riverbank. Yuto stares at the sunset in a depressed manner, and Fuu 2 asks him what is wrong but Yuto doesn't say anything nor cares about his life. Fuu 2 asks Yuto if he had any future plans other than studying for school but again replies with him not wanting to do anything and gives up on himself.

Dethmetal suddenly reappears while Fuu 2 tries to make Yuto change his mind about his outlook on life, and introduces himself to Fuu 2 where he aims to divert him the afterlife due to him giving up on it. Fuu 2 chases Dethmetal where he makes multiple attempts to lead Yuto to his death such as breaking some construction pipes, opening several manholes in Yuto's sight and making a convenience store sign fall down, where Fuu 2 tiredly saves him from all of the near-death experiences.

At a last resort, Fuu 2 tries to divert Yuto away from the Dethmetal and into a construction site where the antagonistic Yo-kai makes the construction supplies fall around Yuto while Fuu 2 tries to save him. They reach an elevator and ascend to a higher outdoor floor with a view only for some iron to land near him and eventually avoid falling down the edge of the building.

Yuto is eventually cornered at the edge of the building by Dethmetal, and asks him if he wanted to do anything with his life with a depressed response from him, but Fuu 2 tells him about his dream of being a manga author which he had seen from manga-drawing books on his shelf inside his bedroom. Yuto suddenly opens up to Fuu 2 about his parents not caring about his hobbies other than his education, and turns his back on him in a depressed manner.

Just as Fuu 2 was about to deny the fact about Yuto not wanting to do anything, his star-shaped hole started to glow. Fuu 2 urges Yuto to look through it, which explains to him about showing the life of a person he is thinking of with his parents for example. Yuto angrily disagrees at first, but eventually looks through it which shows him going through a flashback of the day he got an average test score.

It was revealed that on the day, Yuto's mother made his favorite food for dinner and brought a gift to give after Yuto finishes his exams, which turns out to be a manga drawing kit and shows that his parents weren't annoyed of his interests after all. Yuto's father wanted to give him some space after his wife asked if he wanted to do something sustainable in the future, thinking he's focused on his school exams which leads them to agree on supporting him along the way to make him happy.

Yuto tearfully realizes the truth that his parents always loved him, even if it wasn't all work and no play after Fuu 2 explains about what their lives are like. Fuu 2 is happy that Yuto does have a future goal in his life, while Dethmetal gives up and disappears, and Yuto makes his way back home with the mysterious human from earlier watching the events unfold.

When Yuto arrives back home, his parents are happy about his return and Yuto happier about his food being made for dinner. Just as Fuu 2 was about to enjoy dinner with Yuto, Fuu 2 breaks the rule of interfering with humans once more, making him no longer qualified to be a Yo-kai. Fuu 2 is sent back to Nate's body as punishment to "live an average human life", making Nate wake up in the place where he has died. Whisper is happy that Nate has come back to life as well as Nate, while the mysterious human gives him a purple Yo-kai Medal from outside of the sewer making Nate wonder what it is.

Episode 2: Jibanyan's Brilliant Strategy

Jibanyan wakes up in the middle of a crosswalk at a city, thinking he had been hit by a truck and landed there but he is confused by where he is at with Robonyan F and Shogunyan on his side. Robonyan F shows them that they had travelled eight years in the future in the year 2023 which surprises how they had travelled through time, with the mysterious boy from earlier watching them from a building.

At a fashion designing outlet, everyone is hard at work including Amy who had an ambition to work in the fashion industry while not realizing how difficult the job is for her. Amy brings the manager the wrong clothing material by accident, while she says that her other worker wanted the specific material only for somebody else to ask her to carry a pile of binders in the midst of the hard work. Despite all the trouble she goes through in the workplace, she still aims to work her hardest everyday.

While Amy dwells on the mistake she made at work on the way home, Jibanyan follows her which makes Amy notice it but doesn't see anything behind. Jibanyan feels sorry for all the hard work she has to handle at her job, with Robonyan F strongly agreeing on her unnecessarily and difficult work assignments and Shogunyan agreeing on Robonyan F's opinion. Jibanyan decides to help her out at work, with the other two Yo-kai helping him out.

The next day at work, Amy is tasked to carry thirty boxes of clothing from her manager and hastily agrees to do it. One of her workers named Natsumi offers her help, but she rejects the offer assuming that the manager only asked her to handle the assignment. The worker doesn't agree with the idea, but Amy shrugs it off and hopes to find a way to handle it. Amy is shocked to find that she has to carry a ton of boxed supplies but goes ahead with doing it.

After Amy puts a box onto the cart, a larger one suddenly appears in sight where she doesn't remember seeing anything like it but is interested in using the bigger cart to carry all the boxes, with Jibanyan and the others responsible for the bigger-sized cart. Amy and the other Yo-kai help her stack them on top of the cart and eventually stacks them all on top of it.

Robonyan F makes Jibanyan wear a aeroplane hat (making him look like Jetnyan) which is supposed to give him force to move the boxes on the cart. Amy has trouble with pushing the cart at first, but Jibanyan helps out by pushing it which suddenly makes the turbines on the aeroplane hat to flare at a fast speed with Shogunyan and Robonyan F destroying the obstacles that get in their way. The cart suddenly starts to fly while the boxes tumble out of it, crashing the cart and severely damaging the boxed fashion supplies.

At Amy's apartment, she is depressed at what happened, while Natsumi (who turns out to be Amy's roommate) is surprised at the accident she has made at work. Her roommate encourages Amy to have more confidence in her job, but Amy feels like she wants to give up on her job. While she reminiscences on the time she had interest in becoming a fashion designer, she also misses her deceased pet Rudy who was alive then.

Tomorrow, one of the workers at the job called in sick, which makes the fashion company worried about the schedule of their work involving a front-window display of clothing. The manager looks for someone else to fill in the task, with Natsumi offering Amy the temporary position due to her hard work, making her gratefully accept it. It turned out that Jibanyan and the other Yo-kai broke the fountain which made her ill with a cold.

At the shop display, she is tasked to put outfits on each of the twelve mannequins quickly which makes her determined to do the job. While they put the outfits together, Jibanyan, Robonyan F and Shogunyan help out by putting the clothes on the remaining mannequins, but it all goes wrong when they don't know how to which makes the mannequins topple over and the store's being damaged by Robonyan F's explosion.

After their shift was up, Natsumi is sad and apologizes that she wasn't of any help while Amy again said that she was the only initial one to be tasked for the job at first. Amy feels even more sad about her being of no use at the job while a floating scarf which is of the fashion label's store stock notices her and chases it to an alleyway where she finds an old woman needing some water for her medicine.

When Amy gives the old woman some water, she spends some time with her at a fountain park reminding the old woman to be more careful. Amy shows her the scarf that was made at her fashion company, which makes the old woman interested in her job and Amy showing her passion for it despite all the hard work she goes through.

Amy shows some of her clothing design sketches to the old woman where she likes them, but Amy reminiscences the mistakes she keeps making at work and thinks of her fashion design job "as a fantasy". She suddenly stops talking about it, but the old woman wishes luck on her career. She bids farewell to the old woman, having enjoyed talking about her feelings of the job. Despite the positive advice, Amy still intends to give up on her career.

When she turns up the next day, Amy is worried about the accidents she has caused in the past few days after her manager asks Amy speak with the chairman of the company. When she heads to the room, the chairman turned out to be the old lady she helped out yesterday, who thanks Amy for her help once again. The chairman gives Amy an opportunity for her fashion design to be showcased at a show.

Just when Jibanyan, Robonyan F and Shogunyan were about to celebrate with their contributions towards helping Amy, she suddenly rejects the chairman's offer due to her worry of someone else filling in her role in the workplace and prefers to go her own way in fashion design. The chairman agrees with Amy's opinion and encourages Amy to work hard in her career.

While Amy was walking home, Jibanyan is sad that Amy turned down the chairman's offer of being an independent fashion designer, with Shogunyan and Robonyan F agreeing with her unexpected decision. Amy suddenly hears Jibanyan's voice and faintly notices his presence as well as the other Yo-kai.

Amy asks Jibanyan that all the unusual events was caused by them and why they did all of it, which slowly escalates to anger, while Jibanyan depressingly said that he just wanted to help out Amy. She further goes on to explain that doesn't like the idea of others unexpectedly helping him which makes Jibanyan accept the opinion of it. They both suddenly hug each other that makes Amy realize that she was too focused on her job and lost sight of many things. Jibanyan and Amy go on a bicycle ride once more into the sunset, reminiscing the times they've had together.

Episode 3: Komasan Returns Home

A ninja Yo-kai swiftly makes his way through the forest to deliver a letter attached to a dagger, where it lands smack dab in the middle of inside Komasan and Komajiro's house in an unexpected manner while they were both having lunch. After a shocked reaction from both, they open the letter up, which is from their mother.

The letter was about their mother not doing so well but promises that she will be okay. Komasan feels sorry for her, but Komajiro assumes that he wants to move back to the Yo-kai World. Despite his brother's lax attitude, Komasan hurriedly packs up his supplies in his furoshiki bag leading Komajiro to do the same thing despite his disapproval.

They head to Springdale Central Station, where they can apparently board the Hexpress by scanning a specific pass, which transport them into an alternate dimension away from the human realm, allowing them to board the train and head into the Yo-kai World. During the trip, Komasan's worries about her mother build up even though Komajiro reminds him to calm down.

After they arrive at station, they rush to the top of the hill where their home is located. They both notice tremors from outside, which turn out to be from their mother, Koma Kaachan and soon reunite with her. Komasan and Komajiro are happy to meet Koma Kaachan again and is glad that she is doing fine.

Koma Kaachan tries to tell Komasan and Komajiro about something that has happened, but her excitement prevents her from delivering the message properly. She eventually tells them that they now have a human baby brother named Komasaburo which both gives them a surprised reaction.

Though Koma Kaachan is happy to have a newborn child, she's been having trouble trying to take care of Komasaburo whereas trying to feed him milk or cheering him up by making funny faces wouldn't do anything. Komasan asks where she got the baby from, which claims as "a gift from the gods", though the same mysterious boy is shown putting it outside of her house in a flashback.

Komasan claims that the baby is a human and is worried about their real mother, which makes Koma Kaachan worried about him. Komasaburo suddenly disappears from the basket and tries to look for him, when Koma Kaachan suddenly finds him climbing on a wooden ceiling board. Komasan goes up the ladder to save Komasaburo from falling but has trouble trying to catch him as he keeps moving in unexpected directions.

Komasan eventually finds a loose wooden plank from the ceiling boards and pulls it out to catch him but ends up falling down. Koma Kaachan manages to catch him but her rubbery skin makes him bounce to a higher part of the house, leading him on the turning cogs (while Komasan futility attempts to save him), the wooden bucket and eventually the cuckoo bird of the clock tower where it pops out of the building after the hour was struck.

Komasaburo falls down from the cuckoo bird and lands on the plank and Komasan finally finds him outside of the house. The mysterious boy in the distance takes notice of what is happening and summons a giant Dromp possessed with an evil force by the snap of his fingers. The giant Yo-kai sucks Komasaburo into his mouth and manages to get the human baby.

The possessed Dromp starts to destroy the clock tower while Komasan and Komajiro thinks about what they should do. Koma Kaachan suggest them to pull something out of the giant Yo-kai, where Komasan notices something shining on top of it. Komasan jumps on Dromp and tries to climb but has trouble while Dromp damages the house and gets thrown off by the force.

Koma Kaachan manages to catch Komasan in time and uses her bouncy skin to ascend Komasan to a higher height, eventually landing on top of Dromp's head. Komasan desperately tries to save Komasaburo by heading for a shining grass patch and manages to pull it out, forming the vegetable into the shape of Komasaburo where Komasan catches him and Dromp returns to normal size without the evil force possessing him.

Later on, Komasan tells Koma Kaachan that he doesn't believe that Komasaburo understands her as he's a human and Koma Kaachan is too big to take care of him, and thinks that she should part ways with him. Koma Kaachan accepts the offer and turns way from Komasaburo, but he clings onto Koma Kaachan showing that he loves her and utters his first word, which makes her tearfully happy and plays with him once more by acting as a trampoline.

As Komasan and Komajiro are happy that Komasaburo finally understands, (while the mysterious boy from earlier watches), Koma Kaachan wants to raise him but they both disapprove of the idea.

Episode 4: Usapyon's Merry Christmas

On the morning of Christmas Eve, Hailey wakes up and notices that it has been snowing in Springdale and fantasizes about her similar experience from her anime interests. In amid of Hailey's peppy banter, Usapyon depressingly tells Hailey that a sack of presents had been delivered to inside her bedroom.

Hailey asks the presence about the presents, and Usapyon tells Hailey that he has been selected as a stand-in for Santa Claus for this year's Christmas deliveries. After Hailey thought Usapyon was playing dress-up, Usapyon angrily tells her that he wants to help him deliver the presents as the real Santa has been busy doing so.

Usapyon sadly tries to tell the truth about his hatred for Santa Claus, but increasingly gets angrier as Hailey gets overjoyed over a Sailor Cuties reboot which makes Usapyon go into Invader Mode in order to make her listen to his reasoning.

The Yo-kai explained that when he was still alive as an otter, Santa has given carrots to rabbits in the pen he was in and wasn't able to get any, which was why Usapyon hated Santa Claus. Just as Usapyon was about to put away the Santa outfit, he offers Hailey to help him deliver the Christmas presents with a shocked reaction in return.

While Hailey drastically memorized the delivery route, it was already the time when the presents began to be delivered on a floating sleigh with reindeer, which changes her intial reaction of delivering the presents and heads into the sleigh to deliver presents together.

Before they started to deliver the presents, Hailey and Usapyon stop by a costume shop to buy a Santa Claus outfit to wear on the trip, much to Usapyon's impatience. They start to deliver presents to Bear, Eddie, Nate, Katie and several others while they do their best to keep quiet and avoid any accidents.

Their last stop is inside an apartment complex of a young boy's bedroom (named Takayuki) where they find a note saying that they "doesn't need any presents". They both don't know what they fully mean by it, until Usapyon looks on his Yo-kai Pad saying that Takayuki doesn't need any presents.

Hailey and Usapyon decide to investigate the reasoning, and they notice a frame of Takayuki's mother beside his bed, and a map showing directions to a hospital with a letter addressed to his mother. Takayuki suddenly wakes up which startles Hailey and hastily reminds her that he doesn't want any presents but for his mother in hospital to get better.

Usapyon stops him from trying to make Hailey leave and takes Takayuki on the sleigh to the hospital so he could meet his mother in the ward. Takayuki's mother asks how he got there says that Santa took him, but asks where his father and grandfather are. Despite what she says, Takayuki is worried about his mother dying and shows his care for her and Takayuki's mother promises there isn't anything to worry about. Takayuki also made a wish to Santa where hopes that his mother can recover instead of getting any presents, so he can feel reunited with his father and grandfather back at home.

Hailey and Usapyon are happy at what they have done and says that it was the best Christmas present they've seen, until Kyodai Santa shows up from behind and they've been watching the duo deliver presents the entire time. Kyodai Santa came to warn Usapyon that he broke a rule for delivering a present to somebody that doesn't want any, making him grow bigger in size.

Usapyon further asks why he wasn't given a present at the time before he became a Yo-kai, which was revealed that Doctor Hughly adopted him from the rabbit pen on that day and felt like a friend was what made him happy for Christmas rather than a gift. Happy at the revelation, Usapyon and Hailey bids farewell to Kyodai Santa and wish him a Merry Christmas.

The mysterious boy observed what was happening from the hospital, while Hailey and Usapyon wish them a Merry Christmas to each other. When Usapyon and Hailey were about to head back, they both realize that they didn't get any remaining presents from the sleigh, but they laugh it off after learning a lesson.

Episode 5: Let's Go to the Yo-kai World

At the Enma Palace, ruler Zazel breaks the news to his servants Aristokat and Duke Doggy that Lord Enma has fallen ill with a flu which is said to be one of the most deadliest, which makes them shocked and worried about Lord Enma, as well as saying that was why he's taken temporary control of the kingdom ruler. Zazel orders Duke Doggy and Aristokat to not enter his chamber and seals it away.

Back at Springdale, Nate is shocked that Jibanyan is moving out, along Whisper is also seen packing his bags. Whisper explains that they're going back due to some "Yo-kai matters" and almost didn't tell the reason, but Jibanyan says that Lord Enma has caught the "flu from humans" and is cutting contacts with human and Yo-kai relations.

Nate makes fun at the fact that human and Yo-kai relations have to be barred due to a flu, while Whisper gets mad at him for it and as well as detailing the consequences of breaking Lord Enma's laws in the Yo-kai World. Nate asks if anything can be done to stop it from happening, but after Whisper could think of any ideas, Hovernyan unexpectedly shows up in the scene.

They're surprised at Hovernyan's sudden appearance with his plan to negotiate with Zazel, which they all agree with, and also explains that he now appears in the present day due to the past being changed. Hovernyan had been gathering allies in order to strengthen their chances of persuading Zazel to stop the bonds between humans and Yo-kai being broken.

Whisper heavily overthinks on Zazel's status of the Yo-kai World, with his worries of him being strong but Nate reminds him once again to calm down with Jibanyan scaring Whisper in the process.

Nate, Jibanyan, Whisper and Hovernyan wait at the Hachiko Statue in Shibuya for other Yo-kai and humans to show up, with Komasan coming first where it reveals that his arrival was delayed due to a broken spotlight on one of the train lines, making them feel frustrated. Usapyon arrives next in his new race-car and explains his delay for tuning the vehicle's engine.

Nate asked who the Yo-kai was, and Whisper looks Usapyon up on his Yo-kai Pad and accidentally mispronounces his name as "U-S-A pyon", which makes him mildly frustrated and unintentionally insults Hailey while he was talking about Usapyon's owner where she shows up at an unexpected time and scolds him for it.

Hailey and Usapyon introduce themselves to Nate, Whisper, Jibanyan and Hovernyan, while Hailey feels overjoyed on meeting somebody else who can see Yo-kai and use a Yo-kai Watch to the point of making fun of Nate being "average" despite his ability to communicate with Yo-kai.

From Jibanyan's view, Nate starts to slowly fade from existence, while the same happens with Jibanyan fading away Nate's perspective whereas Whisper explains that the bond between humans are Yo-kai are slowly being cut off, revealing that Zazel wants to permanently erase all ties.

When both are faded from each points of view, Nate asks Hailey what she should do, but provides him with an answer relating to an "alien force" interrupting the human and Yo-kai ties which makes no sense to Nate, even with an over-exaggerated explanation which makes Nate feel sad about himself and not being able to meet with Yo-kai.

Meanwhile in the Yo-kai's perspective, all the humans have faded from their view as well as the area turning hazy. Thinking there's no options left, Hovernyan decides to head to the Wiihaiian Yo-kai Resort where Zazel and the Enma Palace is located, leaving the Yo-kai to temporarily handle the job.

Hidabat shows up out of nowhere and provides them with flight tickets to visit the resort, allowing them to get access despite the first-class treatment Hidabat has been getting. After they arrive at their destination, Hidabat gets in his private limousine but leaves Whisper and the others behind in frustration.

They all make their way to a scenic beach, where they're given leis and provided with entertainment from hula dancers and stunt performers. While Jibanyan enjoys his beverage, he notices a star shape on the straw that reminds him of Nate judging from the star design on his clothing. Jibanyan tells the others to not slack off on trying to complete their mission and all make their way to the palace.

After they arrive, Hovernyan explains that Zazel originally worked for his predecessor. They all try to enter the temple but Hovernyan stops them from going and warns about the guards. Whisper suggests sneaking in with Jibanyan disapproves of the idea, but Hidabat appears again and bribes the guards with a briefcase full of gold bars, despite Whisper not being fond of his doing. Hidabat manages to successfully bribe the guards and leaves the area as he has other important matters to do.

They all enter the palace, with Komasan and Whisper being impressed at the architecture as they make their way to see Zazel whilst preparing themselves for any unexpected danger due to how scary he is to them. It's further revealed that Lord Enma is sealed in his bed as Zazel convinces him to sign a contract of resignation, hoping he will fully take the throne of the Yo-kai World's ruler.

Zazel opens the doors, meeting Jibanyan and the others asking what they're doing here with Jibanyan and Usapyon saying that he wants all ties with humans and Yo-kai to be restored. Zazel rejects the offer due to laws of the Yo-kai World, but Jibanyan disagrees with the reasoning and convinces him once more, making Zazel blows them back into the main hallway with his soultimate.

After watching the unfold with the uninvited guests, Duke Doggy and Aristokat step in to take care of matters in the form of combat by transforming into Duke Drooly and Alicktokat. They both fight two of the visiting Yo-kai equally, as well as Hovernyan and Usapyon fighting back. Komasan gets out a bazooka to save Usapyon from being chased by Alicktokat, accidentally firing at Whisper from behind he has the weapon the wrong way around, but eventually fires it again, striking both Alicktokat and Duke Drooly.

Thinking they had won, Hovernyan wants to resolve the problem via words rather than violence, but Zazel decides to fight back in order to stop them from fixing the ties. In a flashback scene, it was shown that the previous ruler noticed the foolish actions of humans affecting Yo-kai and planned to cut bonds between the two, due to the former being full of hatred and harming them without any care, which is one of the major negative influences towards Yo-kai. He also said about the cycle of humans becoming Yo-kai after their death and turning into humans again, and claimed that evil souls remain. It was his reasoning for wanting end communications between humans and Yo-kai and wanted to raise souls in the Yo-kai World under his guidance.

The former ruler made a promise Zazel to fulfil his wish back then, and transforms into a beastly form with spiky tentacles to fight against Jibanyan and the others. Zazel attacks them all, leaving with them no choice but to fight back except that their attacks aren't of any use. The ceiling of the palace starts to crumble while Zazel attacks the other Yo-kai, damaging a good amount of the place and trying to hit them with his tentacles. Nate and Hailey suddenly arrive at the place with a flying carpet, which makes the Yo-kai feel relieved while Zazel asks how they managed to reach the realm of Yo-kai.

They both want to leave at first, but Hailey strongly disapproves of the idea and wants to save them. Zazel tries to fight the visiting humans on the flying carpet whilst Hovernyan defends them, and asks how they got here. It turns out that a mysterious flying carpet managed to traverse into the human world back in Shibuya with it persuading them to ride on, which Hailey happily accepted then. Hovernyan orders Nate to summon Tattletell to reveal Zazel's true intentions of ruling over the Yo-kai World and manages to inspirit him.

Zazel reveals that there was no one left to take the previous ruler's place, which shows a flashback asking of him Lord Enma why humans are being allowed to interact with Yo-kai as the previous ruler forbid that rule, showing that it was because Lord Enma liked humans. Zazel flicks Tattletell away from his chin and gets back at the others for trying to reveal his secret. Nate and Hailey asks Zazel let them both talk to Lord Enma in hopes of him understanding the bonds between humans and Yo-kai, but Zazel strongly disagrees and hopes for him to be erased, revealing that Lord Enma's sickness was all a lie.

Everyone is shocked at the revelation, and Nate tries to explain the idea that the bond between humans and Yo-kai aren't all bad with strong potential for friendship. Komasan wholeheartedly agrees with what they said as well as the others with Zazel disagreeing with their opinion. They all try fighting him again, this time with Hovernyan transforming into Darknyan, Jibanyan and Whisper fusing into Buchinyan and a failed attempt of Komasan trying to transform. Darknyan gives Nate the bold basher weapon his grandfather once used to fight off Yo-kai and Komasan gives Hailey a Sailor Cuties launcher weapon.

Buchinyan and Darknyan fight Zazel off with their Soultimate movies while Komasan has trouble firing his bazooka weapon which still hits Zazel. Nate's weapon is broken by Zazel when he tries to use it, but Hailey manages to fire her weapon at Zazel which makes him go bezerk and strengthen his attacks. Thinking they have been cornered, Hailey notices that Usapyon has been hiding away from the events, asking him to come out in a rude manner and poking fun at his weakness, which makes him go into Invader Mode. Hailey insults him even more whilst fighting Zazel, powering Usapyon up into Emperor Mode built from the anger.

Usapyon bravely heads straight into the front lines to join forces with Darknyan and Buchinyan, combining their powers and successfully taking down Zazel. He reverts back to normal, but he combines powers from Duke Drooly and Alicktokat, causing a monstrous and powerful Yo-kai named Zazelmare to form. They all attempt to fight him, but their powers are of no use, with Buchinyan being separated into Jibanyan and Whisper, Darknyan turning back into Hovernyan and Usapyon going back to normal.

Nate and Hailey noticed that the Yo-kai have no match against them, but Nate gets out a purple Yo-kai Medal he was given earlier on, recognizing the symbol he had seen on the flying carpet and attempts to summon it to defeat Zazelmare. Nate puts Lord Enma's Yo-kai Medal into his Yo-kai Watch, which emits a red glow and looms into Hailey's Yo-kai Watch, combining them both together to create two copies of the unsealed Yo-kai Medal of Lord Enma and a temporary new skin for the Yo-kai Watch. Hoping that Lord Enma will reconnect the ties between humans and Yo-kai, they both summon him simultaneously.

After Lord Enma is summoned, they are surprised at his appearance, and decides to fight against Zazelmare. Lord Enma's attacks are strong enough to overcome Zazelmare as well as the former being invincible towards the latter, and eventually finishes Zazelmare off. While they both fight, Lord Enma had also broken out of the barrier he was trapped in earlier, which was too easy for him to break out of. Lord Enma explained that when Zazel told him that humans and Yo-kai didn't mix, he thought it true which was why he was responsible for the incidents that have happened but also used his powers to test time manipulation with Jibanyan and Nate as their subjects.

Lord Enma also learned that humans aren't all bad which Zazel strongly disagrees with, but goes on to say that Yo-kai and humans are practically the same despite them being different lifeforms, and that they can both be good friends and learn to cooperate with each other. Zazelmare tries to fight him saying he made a promise to the former ruler, but his attack doesn't affect Lord Enma and orders him to stop fighting while he strongly disagrees with the idea of his former ruler and goes on to restate his reasons with supporting points before Zazelmare attacks him once more and gives up fighting him.

When Lord Enma turns Zazel and his servants back to their regular selves, Lord Enma offers to join forces with Zazel again to rule over a world where humans and Yo-kai can intermingle with each other. Zazel is reminded of his former ruler and formally accepts the offer, and Lord Enma heralds a new era of communication between humans and Yo-kai to everyone in the Yo-kai World.

Later on, everyone relaxes at the Wiihaiian beach after their victory against reuniting the bonds between humans and Yo-kai. Lord Enma apologizes to Nate and Hailey by causing them trouble and accepts the apology, as well being grateful to enjoy their time with their Yo-kai friends again. Nate asks Jibanyan to head back home, but he's too distracted by enjoying his time at the beach as well as the others. Both of the humans head back home knowing they can summon Yo-kai any time at all, and Nate unexpectedly summons Jibanyan back in Springdale to fight off Snottle where Jibanyan fights off Nate in the end for summoning him at the wrong time.

During the credits, Yuto is seen playing soccer with his friends with a drawing of Fuu 2 he did, Amy joyfully designs her own clothes with a picture of her and Rudy kept as a memory, Komasaburo is reunited with his real parents, Takayuki's mother has recovered from the hospital and Lord Enma and Zazel rewrites the peace treaty for the laws of the Yo-kai World.

In the post-credits scene, Whisper hopes that the viewers will be able to see the next movie, which shows a teaser of a CGI Jibanyan in a live-action world.

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Prerelease Information

Before Yo-kai Watch: The Movie was officially released in Japanese theaters, a sequel was confirmed to be in the works on the November 3, 2014 broadcast in children's variety program Ohasuta due to the enormous amount of tickets that were pre-ordered for the movie.[2]

A teaser of the character silhouettes were shown in the Level-5 Vision 2015 event, where Fuu 2 was first revealed next to some later-identified Yo-kai.

The movie was officially announced in the July 2015 issue of Shogakukan monthly magazine Coro Coro Comics as the issue contained more information of the film. The title of the movie was announced in the issue as well.


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The movie stayed at number 1 during its opening week with 975,000 tickets sold in its first two days. It had beaten Star Wars: The Force Awakens on its opening week as The Force Awakens grossed higher during the upcoming weeks due to the tickets were more expensive than the movie. The film was number-one in admissions again on its second weekend, with 450,000, and grossed ¥513 million (US$4.1 million).

Home video release

The movie was released on DVD and Blu-ray on July 6, 2016 in Japan. The DVD and Blu-ray contains a Lord Enma Yo-kai Medal and an Lord Enma Yo-kai Watch Busters: Iron Oni Force original card.


M02 Japanese logo.png
Japanese logo.
Teaser image for M02.
YokaiWatchM02 JapanesePromotionalPoster.png
Promotional Japanese poster of the movie.
Yo-Kai Watch M02 Poster.PNG
Japanese poster of Yo-kai Watch M02.


  • This is the very first time Nate, Hailey, and their Yo-kai companions interact.
  • This is the firsr time Jibanyan's relatives, Shogunyan and Robonyan F, interact with Amy.
  • This is the first piece of Yo-kai Watch media to have a real-life location as a setting, which is of Shibuya.
  • This marks the first and only time Usapyon enters Emperor Mode.
  • Despite Nate and Hailey having upgraded their Yo-kai Watch U at the climax, they go back to their regular U-1 and U-2 model after the events of the movie implying that it may have been temporary.
  • Excluding Lord Enma, the only Yo-kai summoned during this movie is Tattletell.
  • When Jibanyan time travels ten years into the future, the present time says "2015", which is the year that the movie was released in Japan before it moves forward to "2023" which is ten years after the Yo-kai Watch video game was released.
    • The mentioned year further confirms that the original Yo-kai Watch series takes place in the 2010s.
  • At one point when Whisper exaggerates about Zazel's appearance and powers, he poses like a joker which may have inspired Josper in Yo-kai Watch 3.
  • The prescence of Wiihaiian Jibanyan is a reference to Aloha! Yo-kai Watch Rakuen Hawaii de Geragerapo! tourism that ran from mid 2015 to early 2017.
  • This movie has yet to receive an English dub, but it eventually got dubbed into Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese with a release on December 7, 2019. Though the movie was left intact, some of the scenes relating to Yuto's sacrifice were cut.
    • Unlike dubs of previous Yo-kai Watch media for Latin America and Brazil, it was based directly off the Japanese version rather than an English dub.[3]
    • MarVista Entertainment, the local license-holder for Yo-kai Watch, lists the movie in their catalogue as well, under the title "Yo-kai Watch The Movie: Five Tales From Beyond".
  • An early promotional short film for Snack World screened with this movie in theaters in Japan.[4]

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese 映画 妖怪ウォッチ エンマ大王と5つの物語だニャン! Eiga Yōkai Wotchi: Enma-daiō to Itsutsu no Monogatari da-nyan!
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Yo-kai Watch, La Película 2 ¡El Gran Rey Enma y las 5 Historias, Nya!* Yo-kai Watch, The Movie 2: The Grand King Enma and the 5 Stories, Nya!
More Languages
Flag of Hong Kong.svg Chinese (Cantonese)* 妖怪手錶劇場版:閻魔大王5個故事喵
Flag of the Republic of China.svg
Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg
Chinese (Mandarin)*
Flag of Brazil.svg Portuguese (Brazilian) Yo-kai Watch: O Grande Rei Enma e as 5 Aventuras! Yo-kai Watch: The Grand King Enma and the 5 Adventures!

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