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Yo-kai Watch Shadowside the Movie: The Return of the Oni King (Japanese: 映画 妖怪ウォッチ シャドウサイド 鬼王の復活 Eiga Yōkai Wotchi Shadō Saido: Oni-ō no Fukkatsu), officially known in Japan as Yo-kai Watch Shadowside the Movie: Wrath of the Demon King[1] is the fourth theatrical film in the Yo-kai Watch franchise. It was released theatrically in Japan on December 16, 2017.

The plot of this movie takes place 30 years after the original series. When a meteor is about to approach Earth, Natsume Amano, Touma Tsukinami and Akinori Arihoshi meet up with each other and work together to stop the Onimaro invasion with the power of a new Yo-kai Watch and Yo-kai that can change between Lightside and Shadowside forms.

The film itself serves as the prologue to the Yo-kai Watch Shadowside anime, which premiered a few months after the movie's theatrical debut in Japan.


"There used to be a boy who could control Yo-kai with a mysterious watch. However, he became unable to see Yo-kai when he became an adult. With the boy's duties finished, the watch was buried away in space-time. Then 30 years later, quiet everyday life comes to an end as a fateful day beging with a comet drawing near. The terrible Yo-kai virus Onimaro infects people's malevolent intentions and spreads infinitely. The one chosen by the Yo-kai Watch is the one who can save humanity from its crisis. The bond between humans and Yo-kai may be recovered with the attainment of a new Yo-kai Watch."


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At the beginning, an imagining voice explains that there was one a boy that could see Yo-kai, and fulfil deeds. As that boy grew up into an adult, he lost the ability to see Yo-kai, thus causing his Yo-kai Watch to be cast away into oblivion as it's existence threatened to disturb the balance between human and Yo-kai worlds. Over time, the story about a boy that could see Yo-kai became nothing but a legend, but something started to take place in the future.

30 years later, Touma Tsukinami wakes up and looks at the text message at his phone. He becomes depressed at the fact that his parents aren't able to come home with him due to their working lives. While Touma gets up, he turns on the television, which is of a news report related to an approaching meteorite. As the news further explains the information about the incoming disaster, Touma walks out of his house, without suspecting some Onimaro following him.

Meanwhile, Natsume Amano is worried about being late for school and tries to get there as fast as she could. When she approaches the bridge, she notices a group of people and a child drowning in the riverbank. Despite the man warning him (then being possessed by the Onimaro), Natsume decides to save the child from drowning and manages to bring it back to land.

As she makes her way to school, she gets a flashback about being drowned, but then being saved by a mysterious force. At first, she wondered that it was a hallucination, but it was what inspired her to save other people from drowning. Suddenly, one of her friends, Saki notices her covered in water and says that she is late for school and prefers to walk than take the bus. Natsume notices Touma, but then walks away from him.

While Akinori is on his way to school, he notices the huge meteor approaching and rushes back to his home warn his grandmother about it. After his grandmother notices it, she realises that the threat is worse than imagined and says that it is the result of an Onimaro invasion. Akinori asks what they are, but doesn't know about it and his grandmother says that the invasion will cause doom to be brought upon it.

At school, Touma decides not to attend it. While Natsume changes her clothes at the gym lockers, she suddenly realises something about Touma. Back at Akinori's place, his grandmother further explains about the Onimaro virus, which in need to stop them, a Yo-kai Watch would be required. She explains that the Yo-kai Watch was destroyed by the rulers of the Yo-kai World, and it's now nearly impossible to obtain one. Akinori thoughts that it wouldn't be of use, but his grandmother goes on to explain that a different kind of Yo-kai Watch exists, which was created in ancient times. His grandmother gives him a Yo-kai Radar, and rushes out of the house in hope of finding the Yo-kai Watch.

At the Enma Palace in the Yo-kai World, Lord Ananta, the new ruler is annoyed at the lack of visitors and appriciation for him, revealing that Lord Enma is locked inside a cell. A spirit, who is actually Zazel explains to him about the Onimaro invasion, while Enma said that they came too early and is worried about the fate of the Yo-kai World. After claming that all of the Yo-kai Watches were destroyed, Enma explains the existence of the Yo-kai Watch Elda, which was created by the Genyou tribe a long time ago, and is said to contain bigger power than the other Yo-kai Watches. After asking where it could be located, Lord Enma says that they have it, but the owner of it hasn't been found.

Back in the human world, Touma walks to a video game arcade, while some of the Onimaro follow him. A group of delinquents bump into him by accident and Touma apologises for it. They suddenly notice Touma's quiet personality and makes fun of him. After Touma asked them that he was going to get mugged, he is escorted to an alleyway, gets beaten up by them and has his money stolen.

Touma starts to get angry and threatens the delinquents silently, making the Onimaro proud of him and starts to get possessed by them. He suddenly gains strength, grabbing one of the delinquents and throwing them onto the garbage bags. The other two try to fight him, but they get thrown around. When one of the delinquents try to attack him with a pipe, Touma suddenly grows a muscular arm and throws him again, causing them to flee.

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Pre-release information

A fourth movie was first revealed by the staff behind Yo-kai Watch the Movie: The Great Adventure of the Flying Whale & the Double World, Nyan!. Like other releases, they said would be released during the winter of 2017 and that they would reveal its release date and its title later on.

In July, 2017, the title and its release date sere revealed in CoroCoro Comic which features Lightside and Shadowside transformations of various Yo-kai.[2][3] It is revealed that they would have the ability to transform into "lightside" and "shadowside" forms. In these forms, Yo-kai show different personalities, abilities, and appearances. The magazine shows pictures of Jibanyan, Komasan, and Whisper in lightside and shadowside forms.[4] Akihiro Hino also described the film as a "completely new horror comedy", and would be much darker in tone than the previous films.[3]

The plotline of the story focuses on three new human characters. The first is Natsume Amano, a 13-year-old Junior High School girl and also the daughter of Nathan Adams, who nearly drowned in a river when she was very young. She remembers "something" saving her from drowning. Second is Touma Tsukinami, a 13-year-old Junior High School boy whose parents are busy with work, so he is always alone and is mysteriously attracts Yo-kai. The last is Akinori Arihoshi, a Shaman-in-training and the oldest of the Arihoshi Siblings, whose family uses Yo-kai in fortune-telling for generations.[5]

Later in September 13, Level-5 officially announced the film to be a crossover with Shigeru Mizuki's GeGeGe no Kitarō manga series, and with the titular characters appearing in the film.[5] The film's second trailer was later released in October 2017.


Most of the cast from GeGeGe no Kitaro returned to reprise their roles in the film as well as some newcomers. Masako Nozawa will reprised her role again as Kitaro, 9 years after last voicing her character in the 2008 Anime Adaptation of the original Hakaba no Kitarō manga.[6] Other cast that appeared in the film are Yudai Chiba voicing Touma and Mone Kamishiraishi voicing Natsume[5] while Takaya Kuroda and Daisuke Hirakawa voiced Jibanyan and Komasan respectively.[7]


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Usapyon End Credits

Invader Mode Usapyon during the credits

  • This is the first Yo-kai Watch film:
    • To be a sequel to the original series, serving as a pilot to the Shadowside anime.
    • To focus on completely different main characters.
    • For Etsuko Kozakura and Aya Endō to not voice Jibanyan and Komasan receptively.
      • Excluding original series Jibanyan's voice that speaks during the end credits.
    • For Hovernyan to not make an appearance.
    • To not have "Da nyan!" at the end of the Japanese title.
    • To not have an Ichiban Kuji tie-in.
    • To have characters from another franchise.
  • Invader Mode Usapyon, Dame Dedtime, Narwail, Komajiro, and Noway all appear in the credits for as a callback to the other movies.
Yo-kai Watch Shadowside Movie Blood

Touma Tsukinami Fudou Raimeiken (M04)

  • This is also the first piece of Yo-kai Watch media to show blood, as Natsume is injured when Oniou Rasen attempts to drown her.
  • Because of how M05 has connections to this movie, it's most likely to served as the prologue to this movie, with the former, setting the elements of Yo-kai Watch Shadowside into place, and the latter being what happened 30 years afterwards.
  • This is the first and only Yo-kai Watch movie where the voice actors of the main characters got changed in other media.
  • When the movie was released in South Korea, a dubbed version of a Snack World short film screened with it in theaters.[8]

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese 映画 妖怪ウォッチ シャドウサイド 鬼王の復活
Flag of South Korea Korean 극장판 요괴워치 섀도사이드: 도깨비왕의 부활


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