じんめん犬, Jinmenken
Debuted in EP003
Movie debut M01
Japanese VA Naoki Bandō
English VA Paul Greenberg

Manjimutt (Japanese: じんめん犬 Jinmenken) is a Yo-kai and a minor character of the anime series.


He first met Nate and Whisper in EP003. Later in the episode, he is summoned to confront Roughraff.

In EP004, he was accidentally summoned to confront Wazzat.

In EP005, he was summoned to confront Illoo, but he falls for an illusion where he is loved by many girls.

In EP008, he was summoned to confront Fidgephant; but he gets inspirited, urinates near the road, and gets arrested once again.

Manjimutt attempted to get a new job, but a myriad of incidents resulted in him being arrested several times and eventually sent to Alcatraz.

Awhile afterwards, Manjimutt reappeared in EP032, but was scared away by a wanting-to-be-in-a-magazine Nate. It may not be entirely explained how he managed to get out of Alcatraz in between the time of his absence.

In EP040, Manjimutt hosted the Yo-kai Top 10 with Tattletell. After getting inspirited by Fidgephant, he relieves himself backstage and gets busted by the police. When Manjimutt states that he is a dog, the police officers state that they'll drop him off at the pound. With Manjimutt arrested, Happierre takes over as the co-host of the Yo-kai Top 10.

After 33 episodes of summoning hiatus, Manjimutt was summoned in EP041 in order to defeat Shmoopie. With Shmoopie's power, Manjimutt tried to appeal to girls passing by, but only to get severe beatings from them. In the end, Shmoopie admits defeat and Nate gets his medal. Shmoopie compliments Manjimutt because the man-faced poodle's ugliness "is so godly." Nate thanks Manjimutt, saying his grossness came in handy. Whisper says it was a close call, but Jibanyan disagrees calling Manjimutt more despicable causing the latter to tell Nate "Next time, LEAVE ME OUT OF THIS!"

In EP046, Nate summons Manjimutt to help him deal with Supoor Hero. Manjimutt proves to be immune to Supoor Hero's effects because he is already too pathetic. Manjimutt takes offense at Supoor Hero's point and runs away crying.

In EP052, Nate briefly swapped Manjimutt's "face" when he and Jumbelina were chasing his.

In EP075, Nate summons Walkappa and Manjimutt to help Chansin maintain luck since they're both unlucky. However, this backfires when Manjimutt and Walkappa do not receive the spicy piece of sushi, and Chansin does instead.

Season 3

After 95 episodes of summoning hiatus in EP163, he was summoned to ruin Okiraccoon's vacation. Unfortunately, he becomes the 6th victim to get an unlucky summon from the Sushi Roulette, and ended up getting the wasabi sushi.


Nate and Whisper

He is neutral with them.


Sam was Manjimutt's teddy bear. He got him as a free gift in Alcatraz in EP013. He treated him like a son and considered him his only friend at the time, but it was really only Manjimutt playing with him. Manjimutt is heartbroken when he gets destroyed.


Manjimutt met Charlie during his time in Alcatraz. Charlie threatened Manjimutt that if he ever betrayed him, he would pay for it with his life. Charlie tells Manjimutt that he's in there for petty theft, but Gonzalas informs him that Charlie is in there for being a homicidal maniac.


Manjimutt is seen by Puppiccino as a role model.