Massiface (Japanese: おぼろ入道 Oboro Nyuudou) is a Boss Yo-kai introduced in Yo-kai Watch.


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Massiface is a tall, pale, humanoid-shaped Yo-kai with a large X-shaped scar on his balding head. He has wispy, red hair, purple lines all over his body, and black eyes with red pupils.

Due to his sheer size, he has immense physical strength. He can inspirit Yo-kai by flicking their foreheads or staring at them.


Yo-kai Watch

Massiface is the Boss Yo-kai of Chapter 7. The player fights him in Downtown Springdale's Construction Site.

Massiface has been approaching onto Kyubi's territory and had set a fire in Shopper's Row, though no one was hurt. Seeing an opportunity when Nate/Katie was investigating the rumors around Shopper's Row, Kyubi lured the player to the Construction Site, where he also lured Massiface towards, which the player encounters when they have gotten to a hole inside the building.

Massiface disappears into the night once the player defeats him.

Massiface's attacks are as follows: a hand stamp that hits a single Yo-kai, a flick to the forehead that deals damage and causes confusion, a glare that reduces Defence, and an earthquake-like attack that hits the whole front row. The main strategy is to target his eyes one at a time and hit them until they close. Once both eyes are closed, Massiface won't be able to use his glare, and the accuracy of all his single-target attacks will be significantly reduced.

Yo-kai Watch 2

At the Book Store in Shopper's Row, the player can start a Quest called "The Phantom Giant." After talking with the ghost club and starting the quest, the player must wait until night in order to continue the quest. When it has reached nighttime, the player will find the ghost club near the entrance, and must talk with them first before continuing on. Once said player has done so, they must follow the ghost club up through the floors, until they finally decide to leave at the 3rd floor, triggering a cutscene where the group gets stuck inside an elevator, and are whisked away to the construction site, where Massiface dwells. The player must then chase the ghost club around the area, until they are finally found at the edge of the map, where they can be seen talking about the giant Yo-kai, confirming that he is, indeed, visible to those who do not possess a Yo-kai Watch. After speaking with the club once they've found Massiface, the player will provoke a fight with him. Upon talking to him after, the player will get a new wallpaper, and the ghost club dubs the site as their new "clubhouse.'

In The Manga


Makes a cameo in Chapter 47, where Nate asks Whisper to find a Yo-kai to cool them down, Whisper ends up bringing Massiface to freeze from fear. during the rest of the chapter he disappears without reason.


Name Origin

"Oboro Nyuudou" translates as "Hazy Bald-headed Monster."

"Massiface" is a portmanteau of "massive" and "face."


Massiface is based on the miage nyuudou (Japanese: 見上入道 bald-headed monster that makes you look up). This youkai will first appear from afar to hikers. Then, it becomes larger and larger as they approach until it towers over them, terrorizing them and cursing them. The only way to counter the miage nyuudou is to spot it before making eye contact and shout, "Miage nyuudou, I saw you first!" In some stories, the miage nyuudou is an illusion created by a tanuki or some other shapeshifting animal.


  • Although he doesn't appear in Yo-kai Watch 3, he appears in the Kaos March Mural in one of the sewers in one of the alleys in Downtown Springdale, the mural shows him swallowing Chymera, Tublappa, and D'wanna.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese おぼろ入道/Oboro Nyuudou
Flag of France French Ombraptor
Flag of Spain Spanish Animánstruo
Flag of Germany German Harleking
Flag of Italy Italian Blankon
Flag of South Korea Korean 거대빨강머리/Geodae Ppalganmeoli
More Languages
Flag of Portugal Portuguese (European) Massiface Derived from English name

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