Materials was introduced in Yo-kai Watch Blasters.

List of Materials

Image Name Description Found
Brave Shard Brave Shard (Japanese: イサマシのカケラ Isamashi no kakera) A shard that has a brave feeling. It has a burning hot light.
Mysterious Shard Mysterious Shard (Japanese: フシギのカケラ Fushigi no kakera) A shard that has a mysterious feeling. It has a suspicious hazy light.
Tough Shard Tough Shard (Japanese: ゴーケツのカケラ Gōketsu no kakera) A shard that has a strong feeling. It has a seriously substantial light.
Charming Shard Charming Shard (Japanese: プリチーのカケラ Purichī no kakera) A shard that has a lovely feeling. It has a sweet, gallant light.
Heartful Shard Heartful Shard (Japanese: ポカポカのカケラ Pokapoka no kakera) A shard that has a warm feeling. It has an uplifting light.
Shady Shard Shady Shard (Japanese: ウスラカゲのカケラ Usurakage no kakera) A shard that has an unpleasant feeling. It has a gloomy dim light.
Eerie Shard Eerie Shard (Japanese: ブキミーのカケラ Bukimī no kakera) A shard that has an eerie feeling. It has a chilling, cold-hearted light.
Slippery Shard Slippery Shard (Japanese: ニョロロンのカケラ Nyororon no kakera) A shard that has a slippery feeling. It has a strange dizzying light.
Brave Essence Brave Essence (Japanese: イサマシエキス Isamashiekisu) An extract made from condensed bravery. It has a sweltering odor.
Myster. Essence Myster. Essence (Japanese: フシギエキス Fushigiekisu) An extract made from condensed mystery. Its odor is hard to explain.
Tough Essence Tough Essence (Japanese: ゴーケツエキス Gōketsuekisu) An extract made from condensed grit. It has the odor of a trusty big brother.
Charming Essence Charming Essence (Japanese: プリチーエキス Purichīekisu) An extract made from condensed charm. Its odor is sweet and fragrant.
Heartful Essence Heartful Essence (Japanese: ポカポカエキス Pokapokaekisu) An extract made from condensed warmth. It has a snuggly healing odor.
Shady Essence Shady Essence (Japanese: ウスラカゲエキス Usurakageekisu) An extract made from condensed gloom. It has a mildewy odor.
Eerie Essence Eerie Essence (Japanese: ブキミーエキス Bukimīekisu) An extract made from condensed unease. Its odor makes others anxious.
Slippery Essence Slippery Essence (Japanese: ニョロロンエキス Nyororon'ekisu) An extract made from condensed slipperiness. It has an elusive odor.
Brave Crystal Brave Crystal (Japanese: イサマシのカタマリ Isamashi no katamari) Conceals a mass of bravery within. Touch it to feel its fighting spirit.
Mysterious Crystal Mysterious Crystal (Japanese: フシギのカタマリ Fushigi no katamari) Conceals a mass of riddles within. It has an indescribably cryptic feeling.
Tough Crystal Tough Crystal (Japanese: ゴーケツのカタマリ Gōketsu no katamari) Conceals a mass of toughness within. It has a rugged and boorish feeling.
Charming Crystal Charming Crystal (Japanese: プリチーのカタマリ Purichī no katamari) Conceals a mass of charm within. It shines dimly as if shy when touched.
Heartful Crystal Heartful Crystal (Japanese: ポカポカのカタマリ Pokapoka no katamari) Conceals a mass of warmth within. Touch it, and you'll feel at ease.
Shady Crystal Shady Crystal (Japanese: ウスラカゲのカタマリ Usurakage no katamari) Conceals a mass of despair within. You'll get depressed if you touch it.
Eerie Crystal Eerie Crystal (Japanese: ブキミーのカタマリ Bukimī no katamari) Conceals a mass of discomfort within. It's probably best not to touch it.
Slippery Crystal Slippery Crystal (Japanese: ニョロロンのカタマリ Nyororon no katamari) Conceals a mass of elusiveness within. It feels smooth like scales.
Brave Orb Brave Orb (Japanese: イサマシの宝玉 Isamashi no hōgyoku) A treasure of the Brave Tribe. It emits wild power.
Mysterious Orb Mysterious Orb (Japanese: フシギの宝玉 Fushigi no hōgyoku) A treasure of the Mysterious Tribe. It emits a curious power.
Tough Orb Tough Orb (Japanese: ゴーケツの宝玉 Gōketsu no hōgyoku) A treasure of the Tough Tribe. It emits a resilient power.
Charming Orb Charming Orb (Japanese: プリチーの宝玉 Purichī no hōgyoku) A treasure of the Charming Tribe. It emits a brilliant power.
Heartful Orb Heartful Orb (Japanese: ポカポカの宝玉 Pokapoka no hōgyoku) A treasure of the Heartful Tribe. It emits a compassionate power.
Shady Orb Shady Orb (Japanese: ウスラカゲの宝玉 Usurakage no hōgyoku) A treasure of the Shady Tribe. It somehow emits a shadowy power.
Eerie Orb Eerie Orb (Japanese: ブキミーの宝玉 Bukimī no hōgyoku) A treasure of the Eerie Tribe. It emits a hair-raising power.
Slippery Orb Slippery Orb (Japanese: ニョロロンの宝玉 Nyororon no hōgyoku) A treasure of the Slippery Tribe. It emits a dizzying power.
Sproink Bucket Sproink Bucket A bucket Sproink carries. It's cheap, but it hurts if it hits you.
Sproink Rope Sproink Rope A rope that Sproink wears on his waist. It's still warm from use.
Gutsy's Tooth Gutsy's Tooth Gutsy's gigantic molar. It's a tooth that's never had a cavity.
Gutsy's Pelvis Gutsy's Pelvis Gutsy's gigantic pelvic bone. Too great for one person to carry.
Tattleterror Towel Tattleterror Towel A towel that Tattleterror uses. She probably carries a lot of these.
Tattleterror Teeth Tattleterror Tooth Dentures used by Tattleterror. It was custom-made with just one tooth.
Snaggerjag Hook Snaggerjag Hook A hook that SV Snaggerjag uses. Its shiny barb doesn't let prey escape.
Snaggerjag Ship Snaggerjag Ship A ship that SV Snaggerjag sails in. It glides swiftly on the pond's surface.
Slimatongue Slimatongue Slimamander's grotesque tongue. It looks gross, but gourmets love it.
Slimamander Eye Slimamander Eye Slimamander's transparent eye. Even now, sometimes it still moves.
Gargaros Horn Gargaros' Horn This horn is the symbol of Gargaros. It has the strength to spear anything.
Oni Spike Gargaros' Spike An iron spike held by Gargaros. It really hurts if it pokes you.
Goldy's Pelvis Goldy's Pelvis Goldy's glittering gold pelvic bone. It's solid gold and incredibly heavy.
Goldy's Tooth Goldy's Tooth Goldy's glittering gold molar. Unlike a denture, it's packed with gold.
Demuncher Tooth Demuncher Tooth A tough tooth for chewing up Oni. It's more than just sharp, it's solid.
Demuncher Beads Demuncher Beads Beads that Demuncher always wears. You can calm down by holding them.
Ogralus Horn Orgalus' Horn One of Ogralus' two horns. It's more slender than a Gargaros' horn.
Oni Spike Orgalus' Spike Well-groomed spike. Seems to be a tool Ogralus treasures.
Mass Mutterchain Mass Mutterchain A chain from his shackles. It took enormous power to get them off.
Mass Muttercloth Mass Muttercloth A cloth from his prison uniform. Worn while escaping, it's all torn up.
Devourer Beads Devourer Beads Souls it can't eat are locked in here. There are no souls in these beads.
Devourer Tooth Devourer Tooth A Devourer tooth without a scratch. It sucks in souls, so isn't used much.
Hoggles Bucket Hoggles Bucket A bucket Hoggles tosses and rolls. It's common and cheap in the underworld.
Hoggles Rope Hoggles Rope A rope that Hoggles wears. It's musty and stained with his sweat.
Wobblewok Gunk Wobblewok Gunk Filthy sludge from Wobblewok's pot. It's a smelly mass of misfortune.
Wobblewok Pot Wobblewok Pot A pot that Wobblewok loves to get into. It's normal, but it's seasoned by time.
Styx Hook Styx Hook A red hook that Styx Mk.VI uses. It never misses a soul in the fog.
Styx Ship Styx Ship Comes and goes freely between realms. Styx Mk.VI's handmade ship.
Eyedra Eye Eyedra Eye Eyedra's ruby-red eyeball. It's even redder in different seasons.
Eyedra Tongue Eyedra Tongue A poisonous, pink Eyedra tongue. Its bright color is a sign of its toxin.
Rubeus J Bead Rubeus J Bead A wicked bead that grants power. Rumor is that it's made of Yo-kai wails.
Rubeus J Fang Rubeus J Fang A fang from the mighty Yo-kai, Rubeus J, it can even cut through steel.
Hound Bomb Hound Bomb Hardy Hound's handmade bomb. Just a bit of gunpowder as a trial run.
Hound Pouch Hound Pouch A coin purse that Hardy Hound carries. It looks safe, but it's full of danger.
Robonyan Motor Robonyan Motor The source of Robonyan 28's might. It shows super advanced power.
Robonyan Battery Robonyan Battery The battery powering Robonyan 28. It stores a huge amount of electricity.
Kat Kraydel Yarn Kat Kraydel Yarn Endless threads from Kat Kraydel's fingers. Tips connect to someone's life.
Kat Kraydel Gem Kat Kraydel Gem A gemstone attached to Kat Kraydel. By touching it, you can sense paradise.
McKraken Tentacle McKracken Tentacle One of McKraken's tentacles. It always grows back after it's cut off.
McKraken Ink McKracken Ink The pitch-black ink McKraken spits. Once on clothes, it never comes out.
Whisp Cream Puff Whisp Cream Puff A springy puff from Whisped Cream. Squeezing it could be a super fun habit.
Whispoplasm Whispoplasm Ectoplasm from Whisped Cream. A violently toxic, hazardous material.
Kabuking Mask Kabuking Mask A mask that Kabuking carries. Though small, it can fetch a high price.
Kabuking Lantern Kabuking Lantern Always returning late, Kabuking has loved this lantern for years.
Glitzy's Tooth Glitzy's Tooth Glitzy's huge diamond molar. It's so hard it can't get cavities.
Glitzy's Pelvis Glitzy's Pelvis Glitzy's huge diamond pelvic bone. It reflects light in strange patterns.
Dire Dame Down Dire Dame Down A feather that only appears when Dame Dedtime's hatred peaks.
Dire Dame Heart Dire Dame Heart A mass of hatred on Dame Dedtime's cane. This mass supplies her strength.
Orcanos Horn Orcanos Horn An Orcanos horn that curves. As the years pass, it grows and curls.
Oni Spike Orcanos Spike From Orcanos' favorite iron club. It gives off a dark, intimidating light.
Hinozall Underling Hinozall Underling He's sworn his loyalty to Hinozall, and accompanies him as a manservant.
Hinozall's Plan Hinozall's Plan A document for Hinozall's new project. Everything begins with this.
Red Paws Claw Red Paws Tooth A sharp claw from Red Paws. Can cut through steel like butter.
Bronze Paws Coin Bronze Paws Coin It's said to give you luck with money. Though copper, it's quite valuable.
Swirlious Claw Swirlious Claw Swirlious Omai's thick, burly claw. It's caused tremors since ancient times.
Swirlious Orb Swirlious Orb Swirlious Omai carries this orb. So ancient, the gold leaf peeled away.

Exclusive to Moon Rabbit Crew

Image Name Description Found
Zazelmare Claw Zazelmare Claw Zazelmare's merciless claw. It's torn countless victims to shreds.
Zazelmare Horn Zazelmare Horn It's said that the horn grew twisted because of Zazelmare's warped heart.
Thunder Rocket Thunder Rocket A small, lightweight rocket engine that Captain Thunder developed himself.
Thunder Helmet Thunder Helmet Captain Thunder uses this model of USA space helmet.
King Bauble King Bauble The crescent moon on Shogun King's helmet causes opponents to flee.
King Gauntlets King Gauntlets Have guarded Shogun King for ages. There's many cuts on them from battle.
S. Awoken Crown S. Awoken Crown A great crown of superior smarts giving rise to a plethora of ideas.
Awoken Sidekick Awoken Sidekick The highly aware head servant. Hinozall Awoken has some trust in him.
Robo 3000 Motor Robo 3000 Motor Robonyan 3000's electric motor. An improvement upon 28's version.
Robo 3000 Battery Robo 3000 Battery Robonyan 3000's rechargable battery. Can run for 3000 hours on one charge.
Victory Rope Victory Rope A guardian deity lives in this rope. Its bearer will be led to victory.
Gold Amulet Coin Gold Amulet Coin Protected by a guardian deity. Its laughter can exorcise demons.
Swirlious Gold Claw Swirlious Gold Claw Rocks are crushed like eggs with this. Swirlious Gold's ferocious claw.
Swirlious Gold Orb Swirlious Gold Orb After what seemed like an eternity, its true shape was revealed at last.
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