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Chairman McKraken (Japanese: イカカモネ議長 Ikakamone-gichō), full name and title Yo-kai World Chairman Squiddilius McKraken (Japanese: 妖魔界議長イカカモネ・ソウカモネ Yōmakai Gichō Ikakamone Sōkamone) or Lord McKraken, is a Boss Yo-kai and the final boss and main antagonist of Yo-kai Watch.

As of Yo-kai Watch 4, McKraken can be befriended, and is a Rank S Yo-kai of the Uwanosora tribe.


Video games



McKraken is a large humanoid squid Yo-kai with grey skin and pointy ears. His nose and mouth are rather big, with the latter having sharp canines. His eyes have red scleras and yellow irises. There is a dark shadow, or perhaps a facial marking covering the top of his face. In his in-game model, his tongue is shown to be white, while in his talk sprites it is portrayed as being purple.

He possesses 10 white tentacles, two of which act as his mustache, while the others act as his hair. In addition to them, he has four small bangs covering his forehead. Each of his hands has a peculiar, fanged orifice resembling a squid's suction cups on them, and his arms are a lot bigger than his comparatively short legs. He wears a white robe with bronze colored studs and two round object resembling portholes, a dome shaped white hat, which has dark blue spheres on the sides, which vaguely resembles a squid's head and white shoes.

In his second form, McKraken is more monstrous. His body deforms to the point where he is almost just a head, barely lifting himself up with his hands, while his legs dangle uselessly in the air. His body is mostly white in color, along with several grey and purple parts. His eyes now have multiple colors that constantly change in an expanding pattern. His mouth is even larger than before, now filled with flat, incisor-like teeth.

The bottom half of his body can open up to reveal a second mouth, which contains a purple, round object resembling a tongue, which is this form's weak spot. Above this mouth are several markings, two of which resemble eyes. He still seems to possess tentacles, two still being his mustache, two others acting as proper "arms", and four acting as "teeth" to his second mouth. On top of his head is a grey, hair-like mass with tentacle-like strands.

When he takes enough damage in this form, he will throw a fit and suddenly change color, his body turning bright red, with several green, yellow, and purple patterns.


McKraken appears to be a very prideful person. He believes that Yo-kai who side with humans are pets and traitors, who have forgotten their pride as Yo-kai. As a result, he is shown to harbor a deep contempt for the human world and its denizens. He also appears to be rather confident and stubborn, always assuming it to be impossible for him to lose.

He tends to make puns relating to ocean life and the sea, mostly around squids based on his design and origin. In the Japanese version, he usually ends his sentences with "kamone" (Japanese: カモネ maybe, might), as it's part of his name or more commonly via "-janaika" (Japanese: じゃなイカ "isn't it?") as it contains syllables that sound like "ika" (Japanese: イカ squid), and also frequently uses other words and phrases that contain it in some way.


McKraken has the ability to absorb various forms of energy through the orifices on the palms of his hands, and he can also cause marine disasters. He can control the element of multiple attributes in battle, in both his first and second form.

Being a squid, he can also spit up ink, with his ink being black while he is in his first form, and white while he is in his second form. In his second form, his laughter alone can weaken enemy Yo-kai, and his eyes can confuse them. Additionally, he is possibly connected to the creation of the White Yo-kai.


Prior Events

Warning: plot & spoiler details are listed below.

Before the events of Yo-kai Watch, McKraken conducted a scheme that resulted in his distant relative Squisker, a famous politician, becoming stigmatized and being banished to Infinite Inferno. Since then, he seized control of the Yo-kai World after the death of King Enma.

King Enma's heir was sent to the human world and raised there as one of them, while McKraken consolidated his power. He called it Makai, and named himself its Chairman, with his true plan being conquering the rest of the Yo-kai World and the human world, as well.

Yo-kai Watch

During the events of the game, McKraken has begun to put his true plan into motion. The protagonist, Nate or Katie, only gets vague hints of his presence for most of the game, with his influence only showing itself to them in the form of an unnatural number of aggressive Yo-kai swarming Springdale.

When they enter Nocturne Hospital in The Check-up of Doom, Dr. Maddiman lays a trap for them, to get rid of the human that is in the process of foiling his master's plans, but he too is beaten. However, it is through his final words after his defeat that the player first learns of McKraken's existence and his appearance when Draggie's crystal ball reveals to them what McKraken has planned.

They rush to the Yo-kai World to stop him in Farewell, Yo-kai, where McKraken finally decides to launch an all-out Yo-kai invasion in the human world, and is shortly after confronted by the player, alongside the Yo-kai they befriended. Whisper and the player argue that humans and Yo-kai can be friends, but McKraken dismisses their opinions.

After he is defeated, he warns them that he will always come back. Kyubi later informs them that the Chairman disabled all the Yo-kai seals while they were fighting, thus causing the evil Yo-kai to escape to the human realm. This becomes evident when Slimamander returns and fights the heroes again. They successfully beat him, but find out that Uptown Springdale is already taken over by Yo-kai loyal to McKraken.

Without any other options, Whisper suggest the protagonist to seal the entrances to the Yo-kai World, including the elevator which will mean that all Yo-kai the player has made friends with will vanish as well as McKraken's minions. McKraken flees to the Sacred Tree at Mount Wildwood because of Uptown Springdale's claming aura with the cherry blossom trees where the protagonist corners him at last.

McKraken himself who, as a last stand, proceeds to absorb the aura that channels through the Sacred Tree to become a powerful monstrosity while the player and all their Yo-kai friends prepare for their final battle, and finally defeat him for good. With McKraken gone, the last entrance to the Yo-kai World left is the Yo-kai Elevator, which Whisper then seals in order to stop the evil Yo-kai's full-scale invasion on the human realm.

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Yo-kai Watch 2

McKraken appears as an optional Boss in Yo-kai Watch 2, and notably plays a much smaller role.

If the player summons Mircle to the Baffle Board near the throne that McKraken used in the first game, he will project a beam that respawns McKraken once a day in the Yo-kai World.

Alternatively, he can be fought at the Springdale Sports Club, in the Fickle five-streak Boss Rush level.

Yo-kai Watch Blasters

Yo-kai Watch 3

Mckraken appears in the Quest The Old Lady and The Sukiyaki Trade, where he's revealed to be the manager of the Phoenix Sushi and Serenity Tempura, having been sentenced to a fine and community work after his invasion on the human realm in Yo-kai Watch and return some time around the events of Yo-kai Watch 2.

He tries to start a fight with the Haven Sukiyaki restaurant ran by Dame Deartime and the Wicked Executives, feeling that their sudden popularity is taking away his customers. However, Dame Deartime simply apologizes to him, as she did not wish to cause him any trouble, and presumes that surely, he has the same goal as her, which is to atone for their past crimes with their current work.

She argues that given this, they should get along with one another, instead. McKraken is visibly flustered by this, Deartime seemingly catching his fancy, and he says that she's probably right. Placated, McKraken muses that he would like to try the fabled Sukiyaki of Deartime's shop sometime, and she tells him he is always welcome to visit them.

He can also be fought as an optional Boss in the Pyramid of Clu 3 dungeon in the Blasters T mode.

Yo-kai Watch 4

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Quotes (Yo-kai Watch 4)

  • Freed from the Crank-a-kai, "I'm a bit busy, but all right. I'll give you a tentacle in combat, is that okay with you?"
  • Befriended, "SQUEE-HEE-HEE! Let's go show those Yo-kai who exactly they are up against, shall we?"

Game Data

First Form Moveset

Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Tentacle Trample (Japanese: イカ足スタンプ Ika Ashi Sutanpu) - 3 enemies
Technique Element Ball (Japanese: 属性ダマ Zokusei Dama) - Single enemy
Hits one opponent with an energy ball of a random attribute.
Technique Great Left Hand (Japanese: カミの左手 Kami no Hidarite) Drain Single enemy
Drains opponent's HP and rarely confuses them.
Technique Evil Right Hand (Japanese: アクマの右手 Akuma no Migite) Drain Single enemy
Empties the opponent's Soul Meter and rarely immobilizes them.
Inspirit Squid Ink (Japanese: イカスミ Ika Sumi) - 3 enemies
Greatly reduces the opponents Speed by spitting up ink on them
Soultimate Move Squangry Blast (Japanese: イカリMAX砲 Ikari Makkusu-hō) - 3 enemies
Charges energy for 3 turns, and blasts 3 opponents with a giant laser if successful.

Second Form Moveset

Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Tentadrill (Japanese: ドリル触手 Doriru Shokushu) - 3 enemies
Technique Squid Ink (Japanese: イカスミ Ika Sumi) - 3 enemies
Technique White Impact (Japanese: 白の衝撃 Shiro no Shōgeki) - 3 enemies
Erases all positive status effects of his opponents.
Technique You're Calamari! (Japanese: イカ焼きにするぞ Ikayaki ni suru zo) Fire 3 enemies
Rushes at 3 opponents, covered in fire.
Technique Inkredible Shock (Japanese: イカずちはイカが Ikazuchi wa ika ga) Lightning 3 enemies
Attacks 3 opponents with lightning.
Technique Tentyphoon (Japanese: イカタイフーン Ikataifūn) Wind 3 enemies
Attacks 3 opponents with a typhoon.
Inspirit Squeeheehee! (Japanese: イーカッカッカ! Īkakkakka!) - 3 enemies
Inspirits 3 opponents with his loud laughter, causing their Defence to drop greatly.
Inspirit Feeling Dizzy? (Japanese: 目がまわらなイカ Me ga Mawaranaika) - 3 enemies
Inspirits 3 opponents with his spinning eyes, causing them to attack their allies.
Soultimate Move Possquidle End (Japanese: これで最期カモネ砲 Kore de Saigo Kamone-hō) - 3 enemies
Fires a huge energy beam from his mouth, hitting 3 opponents.


"Ikakamone Sōkamone" contains "ika" (Japanese: イカ squid) and sounds vaguely like a phrase: "ika kamone, sou kamone" (Japanese: "いかかもね、 そうかもね" "might be a squid, might be so")

"Squidillius McKraken" contains "squid", and is likely a reference to the kraken.


Like his English name implies, McKraken might be based on the kraken and similar mythological sea monsters.

His attire and humanoid appearance might be based on the bishop-fish or the sea monk.


  • McKracken is the only Boss Yo-kai fought in the main story of the Yo-kai Watch video game to be fought again. Subsequent bosses in later games are fought via the Springdale Sports Club.
  • In the Moon Rabbit Crew-exclusive mission Red Granny and White Squid!, McKraken refers to how squid has gained popularity in recent times, which would either be a reference to the White Dog Squad opening theme We Wanna Eat White Squid or how in a theoretical sense, a popular game called Splatoon was released two months before the version came out in Japan.
  • Yo-kai Watch 3 is the only main game to feature McKraken as a Boss where only his second form can be fought.
  • McKraken is the first final Boss Yo-kai that can be befriended, in Yo-kai Watch 4 via a code with both digital and physical releases of Yo-kai Watch 1 for Nintendo Switch.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese イカカモネ議長 Ikakamone-gichō
Flag of France.svg French Calamus McKraken Derived from English name
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Calámaximo McKraken Derived from English name
Flag of Germany.svg German Tentakulus McKraken Derived from English name
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Tentaculus Poliministro
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 오징어회장님 Ojing-eohoejangnim

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