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Mee 2 (Japanese: ミーフー Mīfū) is a Rank B, Restoration-attribute Rare Yo-kai of the Charming tribe.

She is the Yo-kai form of Katie Forester.



Mee 2 looks identical to Fuu 2, as they both have similar body shapes and having shaped numbers as traits in their physical appearances. However, unlike Fuu 2, Mee 2 is pink and has Katie's face and hairstyle. There's a dark rose pink heart shape seen on her bottom left of her body. Her ponytail is shaped into a "3."


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Yo-kai Watch 3

In Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki, after the player defeats Agent X in Nate's story, the player has to go to Nate's house and talk to Hidabat, to start the request That Other World Exists... Somewhere!.

Hidabat will hand him a package he received which contains issue 23 of the Fancy That! Magazine that comes with a special Fancy That! Coin.

After trying out the coin on the Crank-a-kai, Nate ends up finding himself transported into what turns out to be a different world, in which he takes on the form of Fuu 2. He soon learns that this is a parallel world to his own, and that this world's equivalent of Katie Forester was the one to free Whisper from the Crank-a-kai and receive a Yo-kai Watch, instead of this world's equivalent of himself.

Fuu 2 does eventually make it back home to his own world, but is then soon approached by Mee 2, who reveals herself to be the parallel world's Katie, having come to his world the same way he had come to hers.

She gives him her medal and the two decide to continue to visit each other from now on.

In Version 3.0 of the game, the request "Feminine Fracas!" (Japanese: 女の戦い "Onna no Tatakai", "Girl fight"), which continues this storyline, was added, in which Nate visits the other Katie's world again, and attends to her own visit of Yopple Inc. and meets her world's equivalents of Hailey Anne and Usapyon.

In Version 4.0 of the game, the request "The Three Yo-kai Watches" (Japanese: 3つの妖怪ウォッチ Mitsu no Yōkai Wotchi) was added, which continues this storyline even further.

Mee 2 tells Nate that she has become unable to return to her own world, after having lost a fight with mysterious black Yo-kai that have begun appearing in her world.

With the help of both Lord Enma and Umbral Enma, the latter being from a parallel world himself, both Nate and Mee 2 make it back to her world. Once there, Nate realizes the black Yo-kai she's been fighting are actually the Ghoulfamily.

As they try to track down their leader, they are confronted by this world's Hailey Anne, who after losing a battle with the Ghoulfamily has been brainwashed into becoming their ally.

They manage to save her, and now, with the power of 3 Yo-kai Watches on their side, they confront this world's The Ghoulfather and defeat him. Afterward, Nate and Katie share a heartfelt goodbye, uncertain if their worlds can ever connect again after this.

However, sometime later Katie simply checks if she can still summon Nate as Fuu 2, since she still has his medal, and finds it still works. Fuu 2 is happy to see her again, but also upset because his own world's Katie had just come over to visit him, which causes the other Katie to tease him, suggesting he prefers his own world's Katie over her.

Yo-kai Watch Blasters 2: Sword

Mee 2 first appears in Episode 4, where she can be befriended during a wandering battle.

Game data


Restoration Attribute
Mee 2
Level 30
Fire Attribute



Restoration Attribute
Mee 2
Fire Attribute


Fire Attribute



Yo-kai Watch 3

Stats Calculation
This shows Mee 2's stat on level: 99.

Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble

4098 Mifu wibwob
Stats Calculation
Soultimate Move
Other Effects
Soultimate Levels
LV01 00
LV02 00
LV03 00
LV04 00
LV05 00
LV06 00
LV07 00
Skill Levels
LV01 Effect: 00
LV02 Effect: 00
LV03 Effect: 00
LV04 Effect: 00
LV05 Effect: 00


Yo-kai Watch 3

Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Slap 30 Single Enemy
No description.
Technique Paradise 70 Two Allies*
No description.
Inspirit Believe in Yourself! Single Ally
Cutely cheers on an ally, giving them a big STR boost.
Soultimate Move Sweetheart 90 All Allies
Her girly charm wins the hearts of allies and restores their HP too!
Skill Pair of Heals Allies
Your restorative Techniques will heal two Yo-kai at once.

Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble

Soultimate move
Charms enemies.
Level 1 40pt
Level 2 48pt
Level 3 55pt
Level 4 63pt
Level 5 70pt
Level 6 78pt
Level 7 85pt


"Mifu" is Fumi (フミ) with the kana flipped in placement and given elongation kana. With Mifu's numerical motif, it is also a pun on "3" (Japanese: 三つ Mitsu).

"Mee 2" is "Mi" phonetically spelled out with the number "2" since she is the alternate version of Fuu 2. Her name has rhyming effect on the phrase "Me too" (a way of agreeing with someone)

"Populina" combines "Popular" and the female termination "lina", contrary to "Normalino 2" (Fuu 2) she is popular and not normal.


  • Mee 2's "random" nicknames in Yo-kai Watch 3 are Meena, Chilli, Syrup, and Pony.
  • In referenced to her resemblance to "Fuu 2", one of her random japanese nicknames is Fuu3 (Japanese: フウ3 Fū3).

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ミーフー Mifu
Flag of France French Normaline
Flag of Spain Spanish Populina
Flag of Italy Italian Woosha

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