Meganyan (Japanese: デカニャン) is a Boss Yo-kai. He is actually the Boss Yo-kai form of Hovernyan.

In Yo-kai Watch World, he is a Rank S Yo-kai of the Brave tribe.



A sleepy, seemingly overweight dull blue cat Yo-kai with drooping eyes and dull pink inner-ears and nose. Its muzzle and paw tips are white, and all over its body are various-sized mushrooms. In the games, he possessed a small nozzle on his side, in the manner of an inflatable toy. In the corresponding movie, he instead had a cork in his butt.  

Meganyan can shoot electricity from his nostrils and cause anything to grow by inspiriting it. In what's seemingly a dream sequence in the games, and in real-life in the movie, he's able to grow things by breathing a pink mist on them.

In the movie, he is capable of creating a life-size version of himself with almost all of his abilities.

Opening the nozzle on him in the games or removing the cork from his butt in the movie causes him to release all his stored up energy and revert to his true form, Hovernyan.


Yo-kai Watch 2

Meganyan appears as the Boss of chapter 4. He is first hinted while Nate/Katie is sent to do an errand for his/her mother, as the street where he/she and Whisper and Jibanyan are is rumored to be the place where stuff suddenly enlarges. This is later proven true as a trash can, a bicycle and a doughnut appear much larger than their normal size. Upon running on this, Nate/Katie encounters Meganyan who exhales a breath who enlarges said objects, as well as Nate/Katie's head. Meganyan then recognizes the player character as the one with the Yo-kai Watch and, after referring to them as the "Bold Basher" he was looking for, prompts him/her to go to Harrisville as the world is facing a great crisis.

Meganyan later appears into a shed in order to wait for Nate/Katie. After enlarging and later attracting a doughnut sent from the player character to his/her grandmother, the player and his friend follow it to the shed, where Meganyan makes himself known Due to the amount of time he spends in said shed, he grows to this size. After being found in the shed, he requests Nate/Katie, Whisper and Jibanyan's help in freeing him. After this, he engages the player in a short battle with him in order to test his/her strength. Upon being defeated, Meganyan acknowledges the player's strength. Whisper then notices a nozzle in his body, and Jibanyan, thinking Meganyan is hiding the doughnut there, looses out the nozzle, causing Meganyan to revert back to Hovernyan.

Yo-kai Watch 3

Meganyan eventually reverts back this size through eating too much during Yo-kai Watch 3, and tasks Hailey Anne and Usapyon to help him out. Sgt. Burly eventually puts him back in shape to turn back to Hovernyan.

Game Data


Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Squish (Japanese: のしかかる Noshikakaru) 10-45 Single enemy
No description.
Technique Tornado (Japanese: 竜巻の術 Tatsumaki no Jutsu) 50-110 Wind Single enemy
No description.
Inspirit Megasize (Japanese: でっかくする Dekkaku suru) Self
The Inspirited Yo-kai will become enormous, and STR goes up.
Soultimate Move Nose Blows (Japanese: 猫色吐息でばっふぅん Neko-iro toiki de baffu ~un) 50-131 Wind All enemies
(Not in-game description. Inspirits (SPD down) and damages enemy Yo-kai.)
No description.


  • Loafing: "*snore*"

In the anime


Meganyan as he appears in Yo-kai Watch: The Movie.

Meganyan appears in Yo-kai Watch: The Movie, where he comes to Springdale in an attempt to bring Nate's memories back after the Yo-kai Watch disappeared from his wrist last night. After successfully bringing back his memories, he tells Nate that he can save the world after hearing of his name before he gets attacked by Loiter, Flicker and Schemer and temporarily fades away. Nate, Jibanyan and Whisper finds him again in Harrisville, trapped in a house and attempt to pull them out but breaks free of it, destroying the house. Meganyan asks them to pull out the plug from his back, which makes them feel weird at first but Nate eventually pulls it out, transforming him back into Hovernyan.

In EP112, Mr. Crabbycat has Meganyan, Gutsy Bones and Dromp as transfer students that can easily dwarf the entire school, Disrupting Class Academy.


Meganyan is a portmanteau of "mega" (hence his name) and "nyan", the Japanese sound for meow.

Meganyan's name in Korea, Geodaenyang, consists of Geodae - meaning "giant" and nyang- the Korean translation of the Japanese sound for meow.


  • Meganyan may have been partly inspired by the Okubi, a large floating head youkai that is known to inhabit barns and cause body parts to inflate by blowing on them. Meganyan can also make things larger by blowing on them, is found in an abandoned shed in Yo-kai Watch 2, and has demonstrated the ability to float.


In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese デカニャン Dekanyan
Flag of France French Méganyan Derived from the English name.
Flag of Spain Spanish Meganyan Same as the English name.
Flag of Germany German Meganyan Same as the English name.
Flag of Italy Italian Meganyan Same as the English name.
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Meganyan Same as the English name.
More Languages
Flag of Portugal Portuguese (European) Meganyan Same as the English name.
Flag of Brazil Portuguese (Brazilian) Meganyan Same as the English name.

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