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  • Hello, I don't have a concrete source about Shien being Ancient Enma's son but by translating various tweets (with the help of kaialone) from jp people who have watched the movie it seems like this is indeed the case. It makes sense considering how in the trailer Enma tells Itsuki and co. "dont get involved in family matters"

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    • I don’t know.. You told me earlier not to trust translating things, I’m a little sceptical about it now.. We shouldn’t do anything until the movie is out on home release

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    • Sorry for butting in on this, but while it's true that I wouldn't fully trust second-hand info from movie goers, Shien is explicitly referred to as Ancient Enma's son in the recent Puni Puni event, too.

      Here, Nurarihyon (Zazel) says:

      "閻魔大王さまの ご子息である 紫炎さまであろう"


      "Enma Daiō-sama no Goshisoku dearu Shien-sama dearou."

      which translates to

      "Presumably, it is Lord Shien, who is the noble son of His Majesty, the Great King Enma."

      The "Great King Enma" refers to Ancient Enma at this point in time, since he ruled back then.

      Shisoku/子息 is the word that means "son" here. It also has the honorific prefix ご/go- added, if you're wondering.

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    • Kwhel22 wrote:
      I don’t know.. You told me earlier not to trust translating things, I’m a little sceptical about it now.. We shouldn’t do anything until the movie is out on home release

      That's different tho, Itsuki's page is pretty much completely empty so throwing in a huge spoiler such as his own death without adding any sort of context looks plain bad, its basically like

      "we dont know anything about this character but he dies in this movie!"

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    • Well there's always there Wibble Wobble Medaillum entries for both Shien and Maou Shien that might clear things up (I hope to see one on Rinne and Soranaki as well) though there is one elephant in the room. Yasha Enma where does he fit in? Is he another form of Lord Enma? is he a seperate being?If Shein is Lord Enma's "father" then why is Yasha facing him in the trailer? is Lord Enma a time travelier? Ugh my head is spinning.

      Please be anime and maybe manga canon only

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  • I'm just wondering where you got the Tae image, I do have a somewhat idea where you may have gotten it, but I'm not 100% sure XD I know this message is weird, but I'm just wondering XD

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  • I admit, this is the most professonal wiki I've seen. Heck I don't think I can add much besides since the image poilcy is pretty strict and the only thing I'm good at is uploading merchandise like seals, cards, and those bath bomb toys (I will catagorize them to a proper title). Well is there anything I can do just answear this message wall.

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  • Welcome to Yo-kai Watch Wiki!
    USApyon Welcome Dragonspyre17 to Yo-kai Watch Wiki! The ultimate source for the Yo-kai Watch franchise.

    We are very happy that you are willing to be part of the community showing your dedication and respect towards the Yo-kai Watch series by Level-5. We trying to cover eveything that is about the Yo-kai Watch franchise and we are overjoyed that our work has reached you and many others as well.

    We have no idea if you are a wikia mogul or a new contributor, new to the world of editing in every aspect of mediawiki. For newcomers, you can read the help guide to learn how things are working here at this wiki, or any other wiki. Do read our policy before you start editing.

    Do you not know were to start or have any questions, head towards the forum to converse with fellow contributors. Any serious questions contact an administrator of Yo-kai Watch Wiki.

    For now, we are happy welcoming you to Yo-kai Watch Wiki and thank you for your support.

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