aka Tom

  • I live in Harrisville, Livre Ex Machina
  • I was born on January 7
  • My occupation is Yo-kai Collector, Librarian
  • I am Male
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  • Welcome to Yo-kai Watch Wiki!
    USApyon Welcome Tyrony to Yo-kai Watch Wiki! The ultimate source for the Yo-kai Watch franchise.

    We are very happy that you are willing to be part of the community showing your dedication and respect towards the Yo-kai Watch series by Level-5. We trying to cover eveything that is about the Yo-kai Watch franchise and we are overjoyed that our work has reached you and many others as well.

    We have no idea if you are a wikia mogul or a new contributor, new to the world of editing in every aspect of mediawiki. For newcomers, you can read the help guide to learn how things are working here at this wiki, or any other wiki. Do read our policy before you start editing.

    Do you not know were to start or have any questions, head towards the forum to converse with fellow contributors. Any serious questions contact an administrator of Yo-kai Watch Wiki.

    For now, we are happy welcoming you to Yo-kai Watch Wiki and thank you for your support.

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  • hello :D

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  • Can I ask where you got the ripped photos for the YW stuff? I'm a little curious, aha~ Did you rip them yourself? Or was it from a website? Sorry if I'm asking too much XD

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    • Tyrony wrote:
      Ok, then, excuse me for the trouble, I guess...

      Anyway, Kuriimu is a set of software that enables users modify games (fan translations or texture hacks) for games that it supports files and archives from. It can also be expanded with plugins, though I haven't really done much research about that.

      So currently,Kuriimu comes with three separate programs:

      Kuriimu itself: Used to edit text to create fantranslations or just to mess around with

      Kukkii: Used to view various image formats that were extracted from supported archives. Can import and export to .png. (which is how I got my images).

      Karameru: This is what opens many different archives that it supports.

      A basic overview. You might wanna check this out too:

      Also, if you're planning on exrtracting from the games yourself, You must use a utility known as 3ds-xsfatools as well, but i'd better explain it after you've read all this.

      Hope this brighthens it all up!

      Thanks so much~! I really appreciate it! 

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    • You're welcome

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