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The Mikado tribe symbol.

The Mikado tribe (Japanese: ミカド族 Mikado-zoku) is one of the Yo-kai Tribes introduced in Yo-kai Watch Shadowside.

Yo-kai from this tribe have mostly hailed from the Enma family.

The emblem design resembles a purple sun with a round eye looking circle in the middle.

List of Mikado Yo-kai

Yo-kai Lightside Shadowside
Shien Shien.png
Lord Enma Asdfghjkmkmjhgfd.jpg
Yaksha Enma Yakshaenma.png
Yami Enma Yamienma.jpeg
King Enma Gouen Ancient EnmaArk (L).jpg


Mikado is derived from "Mikado" (Japanese: Emperor).


  • The Mikado Tribe can be considered as the Shadowside counterpart to the Enma Tribe.