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The Mikakunin tribe symbol.

The Mikakunin Tribe (Japanese: ミカクニン族 Mikakunin-zoku), are alien-like Yo-kai.

Its emblem resembles a grey alien head.

List of Mikakunin Yo-kai

Yo-kai Lightside Shadowside
Tribe Member Mikakunin Tribe Member (Full Appearance).jpg None.PNG


Mikakunin is derived from "mikakunin" (Japanese: 未確認 "unconfirmed or unidentified").


  • The Mikakunin Tribe will change your Yo-kai's Attitudes and favorite Watcher in exchange for Yo-gurt.
  • The Medallium Bio for the tribe member states: "A Yo-kai that transfers human beings to a mysterious spacecraft and performs misleading experiments. Is it really a Yo-kai? What does it do in the spacecraft? Pursuing it will erase your memory."