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Momy (Japanese: モミー Momii), also known as Hitotsuri Momi-no-ki (Japanese: 人吊りモミの木) is a Shadowside Yo-kai of the Onnen tribe.


Yo-kai Watch Shadowside: Minor Yo-kai 


In her Lightside form she resembles an anthropomorphic Fir tree. There are various orbs and 2 pink streamers on her head, She is shy and gloomy in nature.

In her Shadowside form, she becomes much bigger, her head gets more decorations. Her eyes turn red with yellow pupils and her hands resemble the Pokémon Trevenant's (Clawed and woody). She can catch humans with the streamers.


Momy is derived from Momi (Japanese: もみ fir), a type of tree.


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