The Mononoke tribe (Japanese: モノノケ族 Mononoke-zoku) is one of the Yo-kai Tribes introduced in Yo-kai Watch Shadowside.

The Yo-kai in this tribe are beast-like Yo-kai, based upon Yokai from Japanese mythology.

Its emblem is a yellow fox head.

When 2 or more tribe members are in your party, your Sp.Def is boosted, allowing you to endure more spirit attacks.

List of Yo-kai

Shadowside Yo-kai

Yo-kai Lightside Shadowside
Jibanyan JibanyanLight JibanyanShadow
Mafura Jibanyan Mafura Jibanyan Ark (L) Mafura Jibanyan Ark (S)
Kyubi Kyubi (Lightside) Kyubi (Shadowside)
Kosen Kyubi Kosen Kyubi Kosen Kyubi SM
Inugami InugamiArk InugamiArk(S)
Lucky/Dogman Lucky Dogman
Inari/Tatarigitsune Inari InariShadowside
Shibumenken/Menkueater Shibumenken Menkueater
Usakichi/Bunny Trap Usakichi BunnyTrap
Nekomata Nekomata Artwork NEKO SHADOWSIDE
Karasu Tengu Tengloom (Shadowside) KarasuTenguShadowArk
Tamamo/Tamamo no Mae Tamamo no Mae (M05) TamamoNoMaeArk
Gyuki NoneArk (L) Gyuki 2
Inosasaou Uriko Bamboo Grass King 2

Godside Yo-kai

Yo-kai Lightside Godside
Nekomata/Neko'ou Bastet Nekomata Artwork Bastet

Onechanside Yo-kai

Yo-kai Normal Onechanside
Jibanyan JibaArk (L) JibaArk (O)
Jibanyan/Jibanyans JibanyanExtremeRare Ark (L) JibanyanExtremeRare Ark (S)
Kyubi KyuArk (L) KyuArk (O)
Manjimutt ManjiArk (L) ManjiArk (O)
Siro SiroArk (L) SiroArk (S)
Stircrazy Stu StirArk (L) StirArk (O)
Krystal Fox Krystal Fox NoneArk (S)
Jibanyan Liu Bei JibanyanLBArk (L) JibanyanLBArk (O)
Tomnyan TomnyanArk (L) TomnyanArk (O)
Harry Harry NoneArk (S)
Shirokuma Shirokuma 2 NoneArk (S)


Mononoke (物の怪) are creatures from Japanese mythology somewhat synonymous to Yokai. It might also allude to "kemono" (Japanese: "beast").


Although many animal Yo-kai hail from this tribe, not all of them do.

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