Moximous N (Japanese: 妖怪ガッツK Yōkai Gattsu Kē) is a Rank B, Wind-attribute Rare Yo-kai of the Brave tribe. He is the Yo-kai form of Nathaniel Adams.



Moximous N is a Yo-kai that looks like a dark shadow with yellowish-white eyes, the same haircut that Nathaniel has, and a cape-like appendage.

According to the first Yo-kai Watch Movie, he seems to have had a wild yet positive personality when he was alive (i.e, as Nathaniel). He is fearless and stands towards Wicked Yo-kai and he won't give up until justice is served. However, this changes to a quiet and curious type of personality as a Yo-kai. He always seemed to watch Nate when he was near him. In the game, however, you can see him as a hard-working person with the same personality of Nathaniel.

Moximous N has a skill called Born Winner, which allows him to dodge many sorcery attacks. His special move is called "Mighty Moxie!", but however, his will not damage the foe but it will replenish all his health. Plus, he gets to possess himself, which gives him a high boost in all stats.

Moximous N is Nathaniel, Nate's grandfather who had passed away. He knows Nate and his grandmother very well as they are his family members. When he was around the same age as Nate, he was accompanied by a friend Yo-kai named Hovernyan. Not only that, but he has many Yo-kai friends that he had saved. This is because he always thinks of himself as a hero.


Yo-kai Watch 2

Moximous N can be befriended when the player links all 3 versions of Yo-kai Watch 2 together and plays as Nate. The player must find the item known as the Moxie Mark in Ultra Mystery Way. With this item, Moximous N will show up in the grave behind the player's Grandma's house in Harrisville. He can be battled one time per day, with a chance of befriending.

Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble

Moximous N appears on Stage 184 in San Fantastico. When the player befriends him, the Timers & More option unlocks in the menu.

Yo-kai Watch: The Movie

Moximous N is the mysterious guide that leads Nate to Meganyan in Harrisville. He appears in the movie again at the end doing the Moxie Pose.

Yo-kai Watch Blasters

Moximous N is befriended as a reward for completing the Yo-kai Circle White Dog Squad HQ. To do this, the player must befriend Azure DragonSwoshOgralus, and Whisper. Alternatively, Moximous N can be freed from the Crank-a-kai with Moximous N Coins.

Yo-kai Sangokushi

Moximous N can be freed from the Crank-a-kai with Fukushi Gasha Coins.

Yo-kai Watch 3

Moximous N is befriended as a reward for completing the Yo-kai Circle The Chill Pills. To do this, the player must befriend SlackoonImageniusCutta-nah, and Horizontail.

He is also found in Harrisville, where he, not surprisingly, hangs out next to Nathaniel's grave. When the player finds him with their watch, then talks to him, he will give the player the Infanyan voice for the Build-a-Nyan app.

Yo-kai Watch Blasters 2

Moximous N can rarely be befriended as a Clu-T-fact reward from the dungeon Mega Calacria Gun 1.

Game Data


Wind Attribute
Moximous N HQ
Moximous N
Level 30
Fire Attribute



Wind Attribute
Moximous N HQ
Moximous N
Fire Attribute


Fire Attribute



Moximous N HQ
Stats Calculation
This shows Moximous N's stat on level: 99.


Type Name Power Attribute Range
Attack Practiced Punch
No description.
Technique Storm Wind
No description.
Inspirit Moximous (Japanese: ガッツ)
The Inspirited Yo-kai becomes gutsy, and its STR is boosted.
Soultimate Move Mighty Moxie (Japanese: ファイナルガッツ!)
Strikes the Moxie Pose, recovering HP and getting even more powerful!
Skill Born Winner
Dodges attacks like you wouldn't believe!


Yo-kai Watch Blasters

Soul Effect
Soul brave Boost to SPD.

Yo-kai Watch 3

Soul Effect
Soul brave Will always dodge attacks while waiting to move.


  • Befriended: You've got some real moxie! We're friends now!
  • Loafing: Rest time...
  • Receiving food (favorite): Adventuresome!
  • Receiving food (normal): Not too bad!
  • Receiving food (disliked): Un-moxie-ful!
  • Traded: You look like you might even beat me in moxie! I like it!


"Moximous N" is a combination of moxie and N, referring to Nathaniel Adams. The name Moximous N is also a reference to the fact that Nathaniel strived to become Moximous Mask, therefore carrying his name.

"Maximumm N" is a pun on Maximum and Mumm ("moxie"), along with the first initial of his human name.


  • Moximous N and Moximous K are the only Yo-kai in Yo-kai Watch 2 to be exclusive based on the protagonist's gender. With Moximous N, the player can befriend him if the protagonist's gender is male.
    • They are also the only Yo-kai to ever be exclusive based on the protagonist's gender.

In Other Languages

  • Korean: 요괴용사 M Yogoe Yongsa M
  • Spanish: Ultra N
  • French: Ultramax N
  • Italian: Maximus Puro
  • German: Maximumm N
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Moximous N
  • Japanese: 妖怪ガッツK Youkai Gattsu Kee

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