Mr. Blockhead (Japanese: カクさん Kakusan) is a Rank C, Fire-attribute Yo-kai of the Tough tribe.



Mr. Blockhead's design is very angular, full of sharp edges. He wears a blue hakama with a yellow sash, and a light purple headwrap. In his hands are a bullhorn and a smartphone.

Powers and Abilities

Mr. Blockhead can cause rumors to spread very quickly. However, they tend to spiral out of control among girls; the end result is often not what the original rumor was meant to be.


Yo-kai Watch animated series

In Yo-kai Watch EP107: Yo-kai Mr. Blockhead

Yo-kai Watch 3

Mr. Blockhead can be found behind Frostia's Place.

He can also be found in the Delivery Bay and the Business Tower at night.


"Kakusan" is a combination of "angle" (Japanese: Kaku) (referring to his boxy shape) and the honorific -san, as well as a play on the phrase "scattering" (Japanese: 拡散 Kakusan).

His English name is based off of his angular design shaped head. It may also come from the term blockhead, an offensive term usually to describe someone dimwitted.


  • Mr. Blockhead having Fire for his Technique element may be a visual pun on the phrase "adding fuel to the fire", which means to escalate something.

In other languages

  • French: Zozoparleur
  • Spanish: Radiopatio
  • Italian: Infangofono
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