Mrs. Thomas (Japanese: イナホの母 Inaho no Haha)​ is character of the Yo-kai Watch series. She is the mother of Hailey Anne Thomas and Joshua Thomas, and her husband is Mr. Thomas.


Physical Traits

She looks to be a fairly older woman with grey-blue color eyes and brown hair tied back like a bun. She wears a wide v-neck long sleeve green shirt, tan pants that reach above her ankles, and a pair of dark purple strap-on house shoes. She also wears a white wrist ring around her left hand. At home she is normally found wearing a pale yellow apron around.


Mrs. Thomas is a kind mother who takes care of her children on a daily basis and manages to keep charge of the apartment while her husband is away on business. She doesn't mind if Hailey is out late, but if Joshua is nowhere to be seen she will contact her daughter for confirmation on his whereabouts.


Animated Series

Game Series

Yo-kai Watch 3

Mrs. Thomas made her first debut in Yo-kai Watch 3. Her role is very much the same as the other player's mothers in previous games; to cook the player a meal during the late afternoon. There is an option to put money in the savings jar once every in-game day. Once the jar is full Mrs. Thomas will treat her children to an outing to eat at a restaurant where the player will have a chance to earn a rare bonus item.

Near the end of Chapter 4 of Hailey's story, Mrs. Thomas would be found taking a nap in their living room apartment. After the defeat of Slackerjack she would worriedly call Hailey on her cellphone and ask of their location and if Joshua was with her. Confirmed of their whereabouts she told them to come home and claims she'll pick them up along the way.


  • In Yo-kai Watch 3 Mrs. Thomas is the only mom character who isn't firmly located at their home, on a rare occasion she can be found at the Sunset Mall with Joshua.
  • She lacks a name in Japanese, only referred to as "Inaho's Mother" (Inaho is Hailey's Japanese name).


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