My-Baaad (Japanese: 一旦ソーリー Ittan-sorii) is a Rank C, Drain-attribute Rare 'Merican Yo-kai of the Shady tribe.

My-Baaad evolves from So-Sorree by fusing with Starry Spangles.


My-Baaad looks almost exactly the same as So-Sorree, but he is pale teal, has red horns and a purple tongue. His arms are all raised on the same position, and has the words "I am sorry" on his body. My-Baaad holds a different expression on his face. He is basically the 'Merican counterpart of So-Soree.

Whomever is inspirited by My-Baaad becomes instantly testy (the feeling when you criticize someone while being somewhat bad-tempered)


Yo-kai Watch 3

As said before, My-Baaad fuses with Starry Spangles, which can be found by scanning QR Codes, trading trash with Greengramps, or buying them from Detective Holdit.

Game data



  • Ittan-sorii can be translated into "I am sorry" or "I was once sorry".
  • My Baaad comes from the phrase, My Bad.
  • Milperdones is translated as "A thousand pardons".


It is based off of the tsukumogami yōkai, Ittan-momen.


  • My-Baaad, along with certain Yo-kai that evolve with Starry Spangles, is among the few Yo-kai to change tribes upon evolving, in this case switching from Mysterious to Shady.

In other languages

  • Italian: Kolpamì
  • Spanish: Milperdones

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