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Narigama (Japanese: 鳴釜 Narigama), is a Yo-kai of the Tsukumono tribe.



Narigama is a slightly humanoid Yo-kai with black skin and brown eyes. He can be seen wearing a straw coat with a wooden talisman strung onto it, he's also wearing an iron kettle as a hat which has a red wisp to the right side of it. In his left hand, he noticeably has a small, wooden, mallet.

With the current information at disposal, Narigama seems to have the ability to knock the iron kettle on his head to predict one's future luck.


They can be found in the mansion in Shin's world.


Narigama is based on the youkai, Narigama. Little is known about the true nature of Narigama, however a number of theories exist. They are often depicted cavorting with other tsukumogami in illustrations of the night parade of one hundred demons.


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