Nautaloss (Japanese: ナンモナイト Nanmonito) is a Water attribute,'Merican Yo-kai of the Slippery tribe.



Nautaloss resembles a cream-yellow spiraling sea shell with four fuchsia stripes that move to the center of his shelled body. He has small black arms and oval eyes with green sclera. He kind of resembles a lazier design of Omanyte from Pokémon. He also has the power to levitate.

Nautaloss can make people act without regrets, feeling that nothing really matters to them. He also makes people say his catchphrase which is “I have no regrets.”


Yo-kai Watch 3

He can be found in Hip & Hopping Alley in St. Peanutsburg, BBQ.

He is not obtainable, though he does make a cameo as one of the Yo-kai unconscious in Dr. Maddiman’s lab.

Game data

In the anime

Nautaloss appeared in EP112, when Nate was watching TV. On the TV, a guy came up and said “I have no regrets.” Nautaloss, inspired by this, made Nate’s mom cook a lot of food for dinner and then made his mom say his catchphrase, “I have no regrets.” He then made Nate’s dad kill a cockroach using his favorite golf club while breaking the club in the process. When Nate said that it’s battle time, Nautaloss appeared as a head with the body looking human saying his catchphrase and that battles have no meaning. Nate asked to get Inspirited by him and then he made Nate put nothing in his backpack, announce he has to go to the restroom mid-class, and go bald. Seeing that his work was done, Nautaloss gave his medal up. Freed from the Inspiriting, Nate lost his cool and freaked out, ending the segment.


Nammonite's name is a word play on ammonite and "nanmonai" (なんもない), which means "it's nothing".

Nautaloss is a play on "not a loss" combined with "Nautilus Shell" denoting it's appearance.

"Naqueperder" is a contraction of the phrase "Nada que perder" (Nothing to lose).

In other languages

  • Italian: Lopod
  • Spanish: Naqueperder
  • German: Armonit
  • French: Céfasslopode
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