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Nekomata (Japanese: 猫又 Nekomata), also known as Kaibyou Kamaitachi (Japanese: 怪猫カマイタチ Kaibyō kamaitachi) and Neko'ou Bastet (Japanese: 猫王バステト Nekoō Basuteto) is a Yo-kai of the Mononoke tribe that appears in Yo-kai Watch: Forever Friends.

In Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble, he's a Rank A Yo-kai of the Charming tribe. His Shadowside form is a Rank S Yo-kai and his godside form is a Rank SS Yo-kai of the Mysterious tribe.



In his Lightside form, he seems to closely resemble that of other Cat Yo-kai such as Jibanyan. His fur is mostly black in color, with a white muzzle and paws. He also has longer ears, a fluffy neck, and wears a talisman instead of a collar.

In his Shadowside form, he has a body shape is similar to Shadowside Jibanyan. His ears are longer and nearly fox-like. His yellow eyes are more slanted. His fur is similar to his Lightside form, except his white stomach fur is wider with an added crack like designs. His fluffy neck and wrist fur are purple and rough-looking. Both of his tails and longer along with the hitodama on the end of each tail being longer. He wears a red sash with a sack on it around his waist.

In his Godside form, he is much taller than in his lightside form with his body shape almost similar to Shadowside Jibanyan. He has much longer ears and an Egyptian headdress. His eyes are purple. His two tails are longer along with the Hitodama on the end of each tail being larger with each surrounding a ring in it.


Yo-kai Watch Forever Friends

Nekomata will be a major Yo-kai in Forever Friends.

He will meet and become good friends with Shin.

Yo-kai Watch 4

The teaser of the game revealed that Nekomata will appear in the game, alongside Shin.



Nekomata is named after and based on the youkai Nekomata, which is thought to mean "Forked Cat".

Kaibyou Translates to "Monster Cat", and Kamaitachi may refer to the yokai of the same name.

Neko'ou (Japanese: 猫王 Nekoō) literally means "Cat King", and Bastet is taken from the ancient Egyptian goddess of the same name.


  • One of the past King Enma, Matabi, also bears the title "Cat King", but it is unknown if there is a connection between the two characters.
  • So far, Nekomata is one of two Yo-kai who has both a Shadowside and a Godside form, the other being Yamambaa.