Nuppefuhofu (Japanese: ぬっぺふほふ Nuppefuhofu), is an E Rank Yo-kai of the Uwanosora tribe.



Nuppefuhofu has the appearance of a pink blob. Its eyelids sagging over its eyes, its nose droops down, its mouth seems to sag, it has a double chin and has tiny, stubby arms.


The name "Nuppefuhofu" is a corruption of the derogatory slang nupperi (ぬっぺり), used to describe a woman who applies too much makeup. This is most likely a reference to the creature's saggy appearance, which is similar to the sagging of a face under heavy makeup.


The Nuppeppō is passive and almost entirely harmless, but it has a repulsive body odor that is said to rival the smell of rotting flesh. Those who eat the flesh of a Nuppeppō are described as being granted eternal youth.

The Nuppeppō aimlessly wanders deserted streets of villages, towns and cities, often at night towards the year-end, or graveyards or abandoned temples. It is usually a solitary creature, but there have reportedly been sightings of them in groups. If encountered, the Nuppeppō is unlikely to cause a human any harm. However, its lumbering stature and foul odor may cause shock and alarm.

In Japanese legends, the Nuppefuhofu’s origin is mysterious. It is believed to be a distant relative of the Noppera-bō (known in Yo-kai Watch as Faysoff). Some scholars suggest that Nuppefuhofu may, in fact, be a botched transformation of an inexperienced shape-shifting youkai, such as a Tanuki.


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