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The Omamori tribe symbol.

The Omamori tribe (Japanese: オマモリ族 Omamori-zoku) is one of the Yo-kai Tribes introduced in Yo-kai Watch Shadowside. The tribe seems to mostly consist of Yo-kai who are in ways seen as protective guardians or righteous spirits.

The Yo-kai in this Tribe are healers and a lot of them were previously Heartful Tribe members.

The emblem is a green pair of protecting hands.

List of Omamori Yo-kai

Shadowside Yo-kai

Yo-kai Lightside Shadowside
Komasan (Shadowside) LightsideKomasanArtwork.png KomasanShadowside.png
Koumou no Komasan Koumou no Komasan.jpg Koumou no Komasan-Shadow.jpg
Komajiro (Shadowside) Komajiro ss.png KomajiroSS-New.png
Seiryuu AzureDragonLightside.png Azure Dragon (Shadowside).png
Ogama Toadal Dude Ark (L).jpg Toadal Dude Ark (S).jpg
Tsuchinoko Noko (Lightside).png Noko (shadowside).png
Bancho/Bourei Banchou Banchou.png Borei Bancho.jpg
Honmaguro-taishou/Magulodon Honmaguro Taisho.png Honmaguro Taisho (Shadowside).png
Ikarin/Gesodrill Ikarin.png Gesodrill.png
Semicolon/Semilong Semicolon.png Semilong.png
Suu-san Suu~san.png Suu-sanSS.jpg
Zashiki-warashi Gnomey Light.jpg Gnomey Ark (S).jpg
Kukuri-hime KukuriHimeLightArk.png KukuriHimeShadowArk.png
Yamambaa Yamambaa.jpg Yamamba (S).jpgYamamba (Onnen Tribe)
Chokichi/Yamikichi Chokichi.png Yamikichi.png
Rai-chan/Raijin Rai-chan.png Raijin.png
Fuu-kun/Fuujin Fuu-kun.png Fuujin.png

Godside Yo-kai

Yo-kai Lightside Godside
Zashiki-warashi/Tengu'ou Kurama ZashikiwarashiM05.png Kurama.png
Suu-san/Gunshin Susanoo Suu-san.png Susanoo.png
Yamambaa/Gesshin Tsukuyomi Yamambaa.jpg AmaterasuM05.jpeg

Onechanside Yo-kai

Yo-kai Lightside Onechanside
Komasan KomasanArk (OG) (L).jpg KSArk (S).jpg
Komasan B
Komajiro KomajiroArk (L).png KomajiroArk (O).png
Komasan Sun Ce KomasanSCArk (L).png KomasanSCArk (O).png
Koma Kaachan
Koma Knomads
Hovernyan Cao Cao HCCArk (L).jpg HCCArk (O).jpg
Signiton SigniArk (L).jpg SigniArk (O).jpg
Master Oden
Bloominoko BlookoArk (L).jpg BlookoArk (O).jpg
Gnomey GnomeyArk (L).png GnomeyArk (O).png
High Gnomey
Whyvern King
Toadal Dude
Ray O'Light
Elder Bloom
Flash T. Cash
Souyokushou Ran


"Omamori" (お守り) can refer to protective charms, spirits, and the like.