Onechanside (Japanese: ワンチャンサイド Wanchan Saido) is a new form taken by Yo-kai introduced in Yo-kai Watch!


In the middle of a tight situation, the user of the Yo-kai Watch can activate a Yo-kai's hidden power called the Onechanside. They never know what to expect, though, for it can be good or bad.

This mechanic behaves similarly to the Shadowside mechanic, for the wielder of the Yo-kai Watch Elder needs to insert the Yo-kai Ark and turn it the opposite way from the regular summoning. Then, he/she should tap the Yo-kai Ark on the watch's interface.

List of Onechanside Yo-kai

Onnen Tribe

Normal Onechanside
Motenasu CasaArk (L) ??? CasaArk (O)
Casanono Casanono
Hidabat HidaArk (L) ??? HidaArk (O)
Hidabat Hidabat
Images (50) SnoArk (L) ??? SnoArk (O)
Snobetty Snobetty
Insomni2 InsomArk (N) ??? InsomArk (O)
Insomni Insomni
Frostina Art FrosinaArk (N) ??? FrosinaArk (O)
Frostina Frostina
Blizzaria Official Art BlizzArk (N) ??? BlizzArk (O)
Blizzaria Blizzaria
Blizzaria Official Art BlizzArk (Miracle) (N) Goku Fubuki-Hime GokFubhiArk (Miracle) (O)
Blizzaria Goku Fubuki-hime
Goku Fubuki-Hime GokFubhiArk (L) ??? GokFubhiArk (O)
Goku Fubuki-hime Goku Fubuki-hime
Blizzaria Official Art BlizzArk (Mira.) (N) Beach-hime-0 Beac-himArk (Mira.) (O)
Blizzaria Beach-hime
Tsundora-hime TsunhimArk (Mira.) (N) Hyogaki-hime HyohimArk (Mira.) (O)
Tsundora-hime Hyogaki-hime
Damona2 DamonaArk (N) ??? DamonaArk (O)
Damona Damona
Goku Tsuchinoko GokNokArk (N) ??? GokNokArk (O)
Goku Tsuchinoko Goku Tsuchinoko
Hungramps Artwork HungrArk (N) ??? HungrArk (O)
Hungramps Hungramps
Tattletell TattleArk (N) ??? TattleArk (O)
Tattletell Tattletell
LittleCharrmer CharrmArk (N) ??? CharrmArk (O)
Little Charrmer Little Charrmer
Rinne RinneArk (L) ??? RinneArk (O)
Rinne Rinne
Baddinyan Art BadnyaArk (N) ??? BadnyaArk (O)
Baddinyan Baddinyan
Maginyan MagnyaArk (N) ??? MagnyaArk (O)
Maginyan Maginyan
??? MuraArk (N) ??? MuraArk (O)
Murasaki Kaichi-ryoku Murasaki Kaichi-ryoku
Dimmy Art DimmyArk (N) ??? DimmyArk (O)
Dimmy Dimmy
Kuro Nyankishi KuroNyaArk (N) ??? KuroNyaArk (O)
Kuro Nyankishi Kuro Nyankishi
??? JaKacArk (N) ??? JaKachiArk (O)
Ja-shin Kachi Kachi Ja-shin Kachi Kachi
??? ShiraArk (N) ??? ShiraArk (O)
Shīranyansu Shīranyansu
Kaped Komander KKomanderArk (N) ??? KKomanderArk (O)
Kaped Komander Kaped Komander
DismareldaArtwork DisArk (N) ??? DisArk (O)
Dismarelda Dismarelda
Nurarihyon artwork YArkS4Zazel (N) ??? YArkS4Zazel (O)
Zazel Zazel

Goriki Tribe

Normal Onechanside
Venoct atwork VenArk (L) ??? VenArk (O)
Venoct Venoct
Venoct atwork VenoctExtremeRare Ark Venoct Zhou Yu Official Artwork VenoctZhouYuArk
Venoct Venoct Zhou Yu
Kage Orochi ShaVenArk (N) ??? ShaVenArk (O)
Shadow Venoct Shadow Venoct
Illuminoct Artwork Completely Transparent IlluoctArk (N) ??? IlluoctArk (O)
Illuminoct Illuminoct
Blazion BlaziArk (N) ??? BlaziArk (O)
Blazion Blazion
Blazion BlazArk (Miracle) (N) Akachan Merameraion AkaMeraArk (Miracle) (O)
Blazion Akachan Merameraion
SGT. Burly Art SgtBurArk (N) ??? SgtBurArk (O)
Sgt. Burly Sgt. Burly
Shirakirisuzume LiarArk (N) ??? LiarArk (O)
Liarbird Liarbird
Goku Bushinyan GokBusArk (N) ??? GokBusArk (O)
Goku Bushinyan Goku Bushinyan
Goku Orochi GokOrcArk (L) ??? GokOrcArk (O)
Goku Orochi Goku Orochi
Goku Namahage GokNamArk (N) ??? GokNamArk (O)
Goku Namahage Goku Namahage
Mochismo Official Artwork NoneArk (L) ??? NoneArk (S)
Mochismo Mochismo
El Gutso NoneArk (L) ??? NoneArk (S)
El Gutso El Gutso
Shogunyan ShogunArk (N) ??? ShogunArk (O)
Shogunyan Shogunyan
The Last Nyanmurai LastNyaArk (N) ??? LastNyaArk (O)
The Last Nyanmurai The Last Nyanmurai
Shurakoma ShuraArk (N) ??? ShuraArk (O)
Komashura Komashura
Tsuchigumo AranusArk (N) ??? AranusArk (O)
Arachnus Arachnus
??? AokakArk (N) ??? AokakArk (O)
Ao-kaku Toku Gyuuma Ao-kaku Toku Gyuuma
Gurerulin artwork RoughraArk (N) ??? RoughraArk (O)
Roughraff Roughraff
Shiro Nyanmajo ShiroNyaArk (N) ??? ShiroNyaArk (O)
Shiro Nyanmajo Shiro Nyanmajo
BBQvil Art BBQArk (N) ??? BBQArk (O)
BBQvil BBQvil
??? RubShuArk (N) ??? RubShuArk (O)
Ruby Shurakoma Ruby Shurakoma
Momonyan Artwork MomonArk (N) ??? MomonArk (O)
Momonyan Momonyan
Namahage SnarArk (N) ??? SnarArk (O)
Snartle Snartle
Shurikenny Art ShuriArk (N) ??? ShuriArk (O)
Shurikenny Shurikenny
Supernyan SuperArk (N) ??? SuperArk (O)
Supernyan Supernyan
Faux Kappa Official Artwork FauArk (N) ??? FauArk (O)
Faux Kappa Faux Kappa

Omamori Tribe

Normal Onechanside
JibanyanPNGcutout JibanyanExtremeRareArk Sakuranyan Sakuranyan Ark
Jibanyan Sakuranyan
KomasanArtwork KomasanArk (OG) (L) ??? KSArk (S)
Komasan Komasan
KomajiroArtwork KomjirArk (N) ??? KomjirArk (O)
Komajiro Komajiro
Komasan Sun Ce Art KomaSunCeArk (N) ??? KomaSunCeArk (O)
Komasan Sun Ce Komasan Sun Ce
Hovernyan artwork HovenyaArk (N) ??? HovenyaArk (O)
Hovernyan Hovernyan
Hovernyan Cao Cao Art HCCArk (L) ??? HCCArk (O)
Hovernyan Cao Cao Hovernyan Cao Cao
Signiton2 SigniArk (L) ??? SigniArk (O)
Signiton Signiton
Noko NokoArk (N) ??? NokoArk (O)
Noko Noko
Bloominoko2 BlookoArk (L) ??? BlookoArk (O)
Bloominoko Bloominoko
Gnomey Offical Art GnomArk (N) ??? GnomArk (O)
Gnomey Gnomey
Komasan artwork KomsanArk (Miracle) (N) Komamom KomkaaArk (Miracle) (O)
Komasan Koma Kaachan
Oogama ToaDudArk (N) ??? ToaDudArk (O)
Toadal Dude Toadal Dude
??? SoyoArk (N) ??? SoyoArk (O)
Soyoku Masaru Ran Soyoku Masaru Ran
Sir Nyansalot Art SirNyaArk (N) ??? SirNyaArk (O)
Sir Nyansalot Sir Nyansalot
TenguArtwork TenguArk (N) ??? TenguArk (O)
Tengu Tengu
Flengu FlenArk (N) ??? FlenArk (O)
Flengu Flengu
??? PunShiArk (N) ??? PunShiArk (O)
Puni-gami Puni-gami
??? NyanbaruArk (N) ??? NyanbaruArk (O)
Nyanbaru Kuina Nyanbaru Kuina
SilverLining SilvArk (N) ??? SilvArk (O)
Silver Lining Silver Lining
KomaKnomandsArtwork KnomadArk (N) ??? KnomadArk (O)
Koma Knomads Koma Knomads
Specthare AgSpecArk (N) ??? AgSpecArk (O)
Agent Spect-hare Agent Spect-hare
Mermaidynartwork MermArk (N) ??? MermArk (O)
Mermaidyn Mermaidyn
Happierre HappArk (N) ??? HappArk (O)
Happierre Happierre

Mononoke Tribe

Normal Onechanside
JibanyanPNGcutout JibaArk (L) ??? JibaArk (O)
Jibanyan Jibanyan
JibanyanPNGcutout JibanyanExtremeRare Ark (L) Multiple Jibanyans JibanyanExtremeRare Ark (S)
Jibanyan Jibanyan (Multiple)
JibanyanPNGcutout JibanyanExtremeRareArk Sakuranyan Sakuranyan Ark
Jibanyan Sakuranyan
JibanyanPNGcutout NoneArk (L) Jibanyan MMM NoneArk (S)
Jibanyan MMM Jibanyan
JibanyanPNGcutout NoneArk (L) Every Yo-kai NoneArk (S)
Jibanyan Everyone
JibanyanPNGcutout NoneArk (L) ??? NoneArk (S)
Jibanyan Everyone 2
JibanyanPNGcutout JibaArk (Mira.) Rudy RudyArk (Mira.)
Jibanyan Rudy
Kyubi KyuArk (L) ??? KyuArk (O)
Kyubi Kyubi
Darkyubi Artwork Completely Transparent DarkyuArk (N) ??? DarkyuArk (O)
Darkyubi Darkyubi
Manjimutt ManjiArk (L) ??? ManjiArk (O)
Manjimutt Manjimutt
Manjimutt NoneArk (L) Enlightened Jinmenken NoneArk (S)
Manjimutt Saitori-o-aita Jinmenken
Manjimutt NoneArk (L) ??? NoneArk (S)
Manjimutt Police Officers
Siro-0 SiroArk (L) ??? SiroArk (S)
Siro Siro
Gyuujiru StirArk (L) ??? StirArk (O)
Stircrazy Stu Stircrazy Stu
Krystal Fox KrysArk (N) ??? KrysArk (O)
Krystal Fox Krystal Fox
147px JibaLiuBeiArk (N) ??? JibaLiuBeiArk (O)
Jibanyan Liu Bei Jibanyan Liu Bei
Tomnyan Rendered TomnyaArk (N) ??? TomnyaArk (O)
Tomnyan Tomnyan
Harry HarryArk (N) ??? HarryArk (O)
Harry Harry
147px ShikumArk (N) ??? ShikumArk (O)
Shirokuma Shirokuma
Ykwx-molarpetite MolPetArk (N) ??? MolPetArk (O)
Molar Petite Molar Petite
??? KogKojArk (N) ??? KogKojArk (O)
Kikibashou Kojin Kikibashou Kojin
Baku2 BakuArk (N) ??? BakuArk (O)
Baku Baku
Shmoopie-Kyuntarou-Yo-kai-Watch ShoomArk (N) ??? ShoomArk (O)
Shmoopie Shmoopie
??? NihonoArk (N) ??? NihonoArk (O)
Nihonōkaminyan Nihonōkaminyan

Tsukumono Tribe

Normal Onechanside
Robonyan RobnyaArk (N) ??? RobnyaArk (O)
Robonyan Robonyan
Goldenyan2 GolnyaArk (N)  ??? GolnyaArk (O)
Goldenyan Goldenyan
Robonyan F-0 RobonyanF Ark Keita Type-F KeitaF-getaArk
Robonyan F Keita Type-F
Robonyan F-0 NoneArk (L)  ??? NoneArk (S)
Robonyan F  ???
Showbonyan ShowbArk (N) ??? ShowbArk (O)
Showbonyan Showbonyan
Wazzat artwork WazzArk (L)  ??? WazzArk (O)
Wazzat Wazzat
Sandmeh Official Art SandmehArk (N) ??? SandmehArk (O)
Sandmeh Sandmeh
BlackDianyanArtwork BlaDiaArk (N) ??? BlaDiaArk (O)
Black Dianyan Black Dianyan
BlackDianyanArtwork BlaDIaArk (Mira.2) (N) ??? BlaDIaArk (Mira.2) (O)
Black Dianyan Black Tirenyan
Noway Art NowayArk (N) ??? NowayArk (O)
Noway Noway
Monomanekin MimiArk (N) ??? MimiArk (O)
Mimikin Mimikin
Sapphinyan Art SappArk (N) ??? SappArk (O)
Sapphinyan Sapphinyan
EmenyanArtwork EmeArk (N) ??? EmeArk (O)
Emenyan Emenyan
RubinyanArtwork RubiArk (N) ??? RubiArk (O)
Rubinyan Rubinyan
TopanyanArtwork TopaArk (N) ??? TopaArk (O)
Topanyan Topanyan
Dianyan Art DiaArk (N) ??? DiaArk (O)
Dianyan Dianyan

Uwanosora Tribe

Normal Onechanside
Whisper WhisArk (OG) (N) ??? WhisArk (OG) (O)
Whisper Whisper
Whisper Komei artwork WhisKongArk (L) ??? WhisKongArk (O)
Whisper Kongming Whisper Kongming
Tenohiragaeshi-front ShakArk (L) ??? ShakArk (O)
Shakey Shakey
SupoorHero SupooArk (L) ??? SupooArk (O)
Supoor Hero Supoor Hero
Chippa-0 NoneArk (L) ??? NoneArk (S)
Chippa Chippa
Melonnyan MelnyaArk (Miracle) (N) ??? YubMelnyaArk (Miracle) (O)
Melonyan Yubari Melonnyan
Compunzer CompunArk (N) ??? CompunArk (O)
Compunzer Compunzer
Nmore NmoreArk (N) ??? NmoreArk (O)
N'more N'more
Cheeksqueek-0 CheekArk (N) ??? CheekArk (O)
Cheeksqueek Cheeksqueek
Snottle2 SnotArk (N) ??? SnotArk (O)
Snottle Snottle
Gomendako GomendArk (N) ??? GomendArk (O)
Gomendako Gomendako
Cornfused Art CornArk (N) ??? CornArk (O)
Cornfused Cornfused
Bananose Artwork BanoArk (N) ??? BanoArk (O)
Bananose Bananose
Trumpfohreule Artwork NoneArk (L) ??? NoneArk (S)
Too-Much-To-Take Too-Much-To-Take
Ben Tover NoneArk (L) ??? NoneArk (S)
Ben Tover Ben Tover
??? KawArk (N) ??? KawArk (O)
Kawataro Kawataro
Wobblewok friend WobbArk (N) ??? WobbArk (O)
Wobblewok Wobblewok
Nogappa WalkapArk (N) ??? WalkaArk (O)
Walkappa Walkappa
Nogappa NoneArk (L) ??? NoneArk (S)
Walkappa ???
??? NyassieArk (N) ??? NyassieArk (O)
Nyassie Nyassie
UsapyonArtwork UsaArk (N) ??? UsaArk (O)
Usapyon Usapyon
UsapyonArtwork UsaArk (Mira.) (N) ??? UsaArk (Mira.) (O)
Usapyon Usapyon (American Comic Hero Style)
UsapyonArtwork NoneArk (L) ??? NoneArk (S)
Usapyon UMApyon
UsapyonArtwork NoneArk (L) ??? NoneArk (S)
Usapyon USIpyon
UsapyonArtwork NoneArk (L) ??? NoneArk (S)
Usapyon USUpyon
UsapyonArtwork NoneArk (L) ??? NoneArk (S)
Usapyon UNIpyon
UsapyonArtwork NoneArk (L) ??? NoneArk (S)
Usapyon UNApyon
UsapyonArtwork NoneArk (L) ??? NoneArk (S)
Usapyon YUBApyon
UsapyonArtwork NoneArk (L) ??? NoneArk (S)
Usapyon UTApyon
UsapyonArtwork NoneArk (L) ??? NoneArk (S)
Usapyon UKApyon
UsapyonArtwork NoneArk (L) ??? NoneArk (S)
Usapyon Giant Usapyon
Deadcool Art DeadArk (N) ??? DeadArk (O)
Deadcool Deadcool
Netaballerina SpoilArk (N) ??? SpoilArk (O)
Spoilerina Spoilerina
Enraenra SmogArk (N) ??? SmogArk (O)
Smogmella Smogmella
Nosirs Art NosirsArk (N) ??? NosirsArk (O)
Nosirs Nosirs

Mikado Tribe

Normal Onechanside
Lord Enma YArkS4Enma (N) Lord Enma YArkS4Enma (O)
Lord Enma Lord Enma
Lord Enma EnmaArk (N) Lord Enma EnmaArk (O)
Lord Enma Lord Enma
Lord Enma EnmaArk (Mira.) Lord Enma Awoken EnmaAwokArk (Mira.)
Lord Enma Lord Enma Awoken
Lord Enma Awoken EnmaAwokArk (N) Lord Enma Awoken EnmaAwokArk (O)
Lord Enma Awoken Lord Enma Awoken
Old Enma AnciEnmaArk (N) Old Enma AnciEnmaArk (O)
Ancient Enma Ancient Enma
Enmanyan EnmaNekoArk (N) Enmanyan EnmaNekoArk (O)
Enma Neko'ou Matatabi Enma Neko'ou Matatabi

Oni Tribe

Normal Onechanside
Gargaros Friend GargarArk (N) ??? GargarArk (O)
Gargaros Gargaros
Ogralus Friend OgraArk (N) ??? OgraArk (O)
Ogralus Ogralus
Orcanos Friend OrcArk (N) ??? OrcArk (O)
Orcanos Orcanos
Gilgaros GilgaArk (N) ??? GilgaArk (O)
Gilgaros Gilgaros


  • It's possible that it may have been based on the Chance Spell (recently localized as Hocus Pocus) from the Dragon Quest games.

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