The Onnen tribe symbol.

The Onnen tribe (Japanese: オンネン族 Onnen-zoku) is one of the Yo-kai Tribes introduced in Yo-kai Watch Shadowside.

The Yo-kai in this tribe were born due to having a grudge against someone or something.

The emblem is a purple wisp with a sad face.

List of Onnen Yo-kai

Shadowside Yo-kai

Yo-kai Lightside Shadowside
Fubuki-hime BlizzariaLightside.png BlizzariaShadowside.png
Sekka no Fubuki-hime SekkaNoFubukiHimeLightArk.png SekkaNoFubukiHimeShadowArk.png
Hyakki-hime DamonaArk-0.jpg DamonaArk (S).jpg
Himoji HungrampsLightside.png HungrampsShadowside.png
Pakkun/Gabriel PakkunLight.png PakkunShadow.png
Mushbarber/Kirisaki Joker Mushbarber.png JokerTheRipper.png
Atsushi Kamamoto/Kamadouma KamamotoAtsushi.png Kamadouma.png
Leon/Dr. Chameleon Leon Ark (L).jpg Dr. Chameleon Ark (S).jpg
Unchikuma Poofessor (lightside).png Poofessor.jpg
Sebas-chan/Sebas-san Sebas-chan.png Sebas-san.png
Momy/Hitotsuri Momi-no-ki Momi.jpg Momi (shadowside).jpg
Chiyoko/Jogora ChiyokoNew.png Jogora.jpg
Nurarihyon (Shadowside) Mzizcvb vc.jpg None.PNG
Yamamba Yamambaa.jpg(Omamori Tribe) Yamamba (S).jpg
Kyunshii/Zukkyunshii Kyunshii.png Zukkyunshii.png
Hare-onna/Ame-onna Hare-onna.png Ame-onna.png
Jorogumo None.PNG Jorogumo Arachnia (Shadowside) Official Artwork Puni Puni.jpg

Onechanside Yo-kai

Yo-kai Lightside Onechanside
Casanono CasaArk (L).jpg CasaArk (O).jpg
Hidabat HidaArk (L).jpg HidaArk (O).jpg
Snobetty SnoArk (L).jpg SnoArk (O).jpg
Insomni 200px
Blizzaria/Goku Fubuki-hime BlizzArk (L).png BlizzArk (O).png
Damona Damona2.png
Baddinyan Warunyan YW1-030.png BadnyaArk (Miracle) (O).jpg
Goku Tsuchinoko GokuTsuchiArk (L).png GokuTsuchiArk (O).png
Hungramps HungrampsArk (L).png HungrampsArk (O).png
Tattletell TattletellArk (L).png TattletellArk (O).png
Little Charrmer LittleCharrmer.png NoneArk (S).jpg


Onnen is derived from "onnen" (Japanese: 怨念 grudge).


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