Onryo (Japanese: 怨霊 Onryou) are a type of Yo-kai introduced in the Yo-kai Watch Jam series, notably the 6th movie and the TV series.


List of Onryo

Onryo (Japanese: 怨霊 Onryou) Appearance Y Medal
Bakera Bakera BakeraMedal
Komadillo Komadillo KomadilloMedal
Kazuma Shishiguro Kazuma Shishiguro KazumaMedal
Izuna Izuna IzunaMedal
Broken Clock Broken Clock BrokCloMedal
Clockman Clockman SummonMedal 2
Momo Momo MomoMedal
Oyanome OyanomeMedal
Medusa Medusa MedusaMedal
Togurosu TogurosuMedal
Meteogon MeteogonMedal
Suruzo Oita Suruzo Oita
O Eater O Eater
Kyodai Salaryman Miyazawa-san Kyodai Salaryman Miyazawa-san Mr.MiyaMedal
Cyclops Cyclops SummonMedal
Note-kun Note-kun SummonMedal 3
Gesu Note Gesu Note MystMedal
Gespider Gesu Spider
Kyonshii Kyonshii KyonMedal
Mukimukikyonshii Mukimukikyonshii KyonMysMedal
Tomomichi-kun Tomomichi-kun TomoMedal
Jumbo Tomomichi-kun Tomomichi Ono TomoMysMedal
Hanako-san Hanako-san (Y-Gakuen) HanakoMedal
Hanako-san Hanako HanaMysMedal
Sparta Kyoshi SpartaMedal



Onryo is based on the same subgenre of Yo-kai by the same name. In Japanese traditional beliefs and literature, Onryō (怨霊, literally "vengeful spirit", sometimes rendered "wrathful spirit") refers to a ghost (Yūrei, Japanese term for ghost) believed to be capable of causing harm in the world of the living, injuring or killing enemies, or even causing natural disasters to exact vengeance to redress the wrongs it received while alive, then taking their spirits from their dying bodies.


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