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Phantasmurai (Japanese: 亡霊武者 Borei Musha) is a Boss Yo-kai.

According to Yo-kai Watch: Medal Wars, Phantasamurai is part of the Shady tribe.



Phantasmurai appears as a large pale blue ghostly entity clad in red samurai armor with gilded accents, which consists of shoulder armor (sode), sleeve guards (kote), a cuirass with a cross-shaped crack on the center, and tassets (kusazuri). He wears a red oni mask with pale blue eyes and black sclera, a golden headpiece with a flowing white wigholds, and wields a katana in one hand.

Inside the cuirass is his true identity: a small mouse with cornflower blue fur, white paws, and a yellow moon marking on its head. It wears a pale orange vest.


Yo-kai Watch

Phantasmurai appears as the Boss of chapter 8, encountered in Gourd Pond Museum.

Having heard rumors about an animated suit of armor walking at the Museum at night, the player and Eddie decide to sneak in the museum at night in order to investigate. Their search leads them to the storage of previous exhibitions, where said armor in question lies. Suddenly, the armor starts moving, and Phantasmurai comes forward to battle the player. After the player defeats Phantasmurai, the mouse moving the armor from inside runs away. Eddie concludes that the rumors about the armor were a bit off.

Yo-kai Watch 2

Phantasmurai appears as an optional boss, fought as part of a request.


Attacking the mark on Phantasmurai's armor will cause it to eventually break, revealing the mouse Yo-kai causing it to move, and target the mouse as soon as the armor breaks to deal huge damage. Alternatively, you can attack its katana to break it, greatly lowering its strength. Note that when the mouse fixes the armor, the broken katana doesn't disappear but Phantasmurai will gain a second one. Phantasmurai can either use a basic slash attack or a wind elemental slash that hits all three front Yo-kai and also uses an Inspirit that stops a Yo-kai from fighting. His Soultimate Move, Cursed Slash, is actually a powerful move where he swings his swords around and slashes the front party.


  • "Phantasmurai" is a portmanteau of phantasm and samurai.
  • "Borei Musha" translates as "Ghost warrior".


In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese 亡霊武者 Borei Musha Ghost warrior
Flag of France French Sabroclair
Flag of Spain Spanish Fantasmurái Derived from English name
Flag of Germany German Phantasmurai Derived from English name
Flag of Italy Italian Fantasmurai Derived from English name
Flag of South Korea Korean 보레이부시 'Bolei Busi
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