The Phantomart (Japanese: モーシンデルマート Mōshinderu Māto) is a supermarket located in East Pine, St. Peanutsburg in BBQ that appears in Yo-kai Watch 3. The player can buy items from the store during the daytime and most of the nightime while it's an area filled with Yo-kai past midnight.



Unlike other shops in any Yo-kai Watch video game, the player must buy the items in a shopping cart by going around various parts of the store that have different items in each area. Only five items can be held in the cart, and must be checked out at the cash register.

At night, the Phantomart is turned into a Yo-kai Area with Zombies loitering around and various wild Yo-kai.

In the games

Yo-kai Watch 3

The story is introduced in Nate's side of the story, during Chapter 3, Your Friendly Neighborhood Zombie Supermarket!. The player is tasked to buy some items for Buck Hazeltine.

After clearing Chapter 8, the Supermanager will offer the player Shambling Shorts for 100 B Bucks and give the player the Zombie theme for the Yo-kai Pad.


  • This the only store in Yo-kai Watch 3 that sells Getaway Plushes and Staminum to the player
  • The word Phantomart is a portmanteau of phantom and mart, as the market is a spot for supernatural, delusional activity.
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