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General Information

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What Yo-kai Watch Wiki is not!

Blocking is an ability granted by administrators and bureaucrats. It can block a user who broke the rules of the policies for a certain time, depending on what they have done on the wiki. Do read this policy to prevent yourself by being blocked on this wiki.


The reasons why contributors are getting blocked can be for various reasons; the most important one is that they may have broke the rules of this wiki. In order to prevent them from disturbing the wiki even further and preventing to have the articles around the wiki to be harmed, there are important matters that can help you out when a contributor has broken one of the rules. The important ones are if a contributor:

  • has been adding pornographic images and making jokes about it, or references.
  • is talking with capital letters towards another contributor. This can be seen as harassing fellow contributors.
  • is harassing another contributor.
  • is being greedy to prevent edits on an article. This does not count for templates, however, it depends if it will be allowed on this wiki.
  • supports fan art on this wiki, and even doesn't hesitate to add them to the wiki.
  • is using inappropriate words to one another contributor, even in the summary comment section of an article page.
  • is trying to overthrow administrators and bureaucrats of this wiki with rebellious motives. This will give you an infinite ban on this wiki.
  • is using this wiki as a black market or trying to embezzling money. You will be banned infinite for illegal activity on this wiki.
  • is using this wiki as place for advertising. You will be banned infinite if trying to use this wiki as your personal add spot.
  • uploading child pornography, or hentai. You will be banned infinite and charged for having child pornography.
  • causing an edit war and starts to attack their fellow contributors.
  • you are spamming the message wall or repeating messages on the message wall. This counts even as you write the message differently, even if it is the same message you've wrote. Forgetting the message is not an excuse.
  • they taking contents from this wiki to another wiki they have created around Fandom, without permission.
  • they are trying to dodge a discussion.

Banning Times

Users on the wiki are given three strikes, before they get a permanent ban. The ban times vary between rules that were broken, with the exception of the third ban which is permanent.

  • The user will be warned if they break any of the rules.
    • If they break two of the rules, they may be banned for 48 hours to five days.
  • If they break the rules again, they will be temporarily banned for 72 hours or one week.
  • If they get banned a second time, the ban will last for two weeks or a month.
  • If they break the rules once more, they will be banned forever.
  • New accounts or guests that instantly break the rules will get a permanent ban.
  • Users that create new accounts to get around the ban will be permanently banned around FANDOM. That is also called "sockpuppeting".

Rules for administrators

Administrators must know that adminship is just a flag, not a pass to world domination. Administrators can be blocked and even having their rights revoked. The administrators must prevent themselves from being blocked if they:

  • giving administrator rights to the ones that does not deserve the rights.
  • giving administrator rights to an contributor that they were talking in the chat, or on any social media.
  • abusing their administrator rights, as in: locking articles without a good reason, banning contributors without a good reason, threatening an contributor when they can solve a discussion peacefully, showing brute force, not listening to the idea's of contributors, not helping out contributors, and undoing everything contributors are creating. You will have your rights revoked and banned for a long time.
  • forcing other administrators to leave from the wiki.
  • having a secretive chat on ny kind of social media, and planning to take over the wiki for their own purposes.
  • are using vulgar words to any contributors as well fellow administrators.