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General Information

Yo-kai Watch Wiki staff
What Yo-kai Watch Wiki is not!

Before you upload any images on this wiki, please read the policy. This prevent your image to be deleted from this wiki, as well preventing a warning from the administrators.

The image policy lists certain rules about images uploaded and used here at Yo-kai Watch Wiki. This as well lists on how to maintain images that you've uploaded and that it should be used here around the wiki.

To make a better understanding for visitors and editors, images can be uploaded to show what happened to a certian part of the series, or if there is something special. This wiki only uses three sorts of file extensions, JPG, PNG, and SVG. animated GIF images are disallowed due to their lack of purpose and distractive quality. If a still image is insufficient to illustrate the text it accompanies, then one should consider rewriting the text to better convey the intended message.

How to upload images

Probably you may have found an image from this wiki through the upload link. There you can upload an image that you've found on the website, or made a screenshot of it. However, only high resolution images are allowed. Low resolution images will be deleted without warning from this wiki.

After uploading the image, do add the {{FileInfo}} template. Here is a short example on how you must use this template for each image that you have uploaded:

| summary = Add here a short summary of the image, about what it is.
| type = Add here what type of image it is, is it a screenshort, a rendered image.
| source = Add here the source of the image, where did you found it.
| game = Add here if the image comes from a game.
| licensing = Add here the licensing of the image.


Yo-kai Watch Wiki do not support galleries, which means that if you're adding any galleries at the wiki you will be warned, if it happens again then you will get banned. Evenly that galleries are meant to show more about the character, we want to keep it nice and clean and not too flurry. For more information read further.


If you're re-uploading any images, do not upload another images that already exist at this wiki. If you want to re-upload a image that already exist at this wiki, which means uploading a new image from old image it can, but do remember that you can only re-upload a new one for the old one if the image that you want to upload have a better quality. For more information read further.

Usage of images

Infobox images

Usage of images in infoboxes vary, as that more infoboxes will be created at the wiki. However, some templates have a high standard what kind of images the contributor must put. Here is a list of what kind of images the infoboxes should use:

  • The Yo-kai infobox template should be only using official game artwork. Ir is an automatic .PNG file, thus meaning that no .JPG files are allowed to be used in the Yo-kai template. Is there no official art, then you are allowed to place the sprite or 3D Model of the Yo-kai in the Yo-kai infobox template. If both are not available, then you can upload a placeholder image of the Yo-kai in the infobox, and when both of them are available, the placeholder image will be removed directly.
  • The character infobox should be using official rendered images of the main characters, do note that rendered images are automatically .PNG file images not .JPG file images. If there is no official artwork of the character, then use an episode screenshot in the infobox. However, there are as well rules which episode screenshots are allowed or not allowed.
    • Screenshot images must not be edited or altered, which means that the image must be true in its portion, and not be cut.
    • No screenshots from video sites such as YouTube are allowed to be uploaded at this wiki and be used in any type of infoboxes, due to the low quality they provide.
    • Sub-text are not allowed to be in the images, they must be either left out which can be done in most video players.
    • Only high-quality images are allowed and not poor images with an extremely low resolution.
  • The episode infobox should be using images that are from that episode in true format, that means no editing to cut the size of the screen.
  • The game infoboxes uses various kinds of images, which are the logo(s) and the box art(s). They must be rendered and on .PNG file format. There are rules which images are allowed to be placed in the game infoboxes and what not:
    • If the logo or logo's of the game has been revealed, save the image and use it in the game infobox. Do not that .JPG images are not allowed to be used in the infobox, it will be removed directly.
      • If there is no rendered logo yet, but it was revealed in magazine or any other media, use that image until the rendered image appears.
    • If the official box arts are revealed of the game or games, use them, but only .PNG file images are allowed.
      • Do not upload a box art with a unknown age rating.
  • Movie infoboxes only must use official movie posters that also will be used on the DVD-box art.
  • Manga images must only use either Japanese and English text. This due to the localization of the manga in respective regions. Do not upload fan translated manga images of the franchise.

Images that proves to be inappropriate

Contributors tend to upload images that are not allowed to be used on this wiki. This wiki pages should not have images from other franchises (with the exception of official collaborations), digital or physical fan art, low-quality images of Yo-kai Watch content, images that shows racial content, images that shows mockery towards religions, or images that are using religious content. Do know that those images will not be accepted and that you can even get banned if you upload those kind of images or ignoring the warning of uploading such kinds of images.

Images that are extremely inappropriate are images that contain sexual content. Do not upload images that contains hentai, yaoi, yurilolicon, shotaconincest, etc. The Yo-kai Watch is aimed at children, and thus makes Yo-kai Watch Wiki suitable for everyone. If you upload those kinds of images, you will be permanently banned without warning.

Naming images

There are contributors that are uploading images extremely blindly, without knowing how to name the images that they are about to upload. There are images here at this wiki that uses extremely strange names, such as: h67g90766434podj74647kj.jpg. Images with those kinds of titles will make it very hard for the user to remember what kind of image they have uploaded. Use clean and memorable names for the images that you are about to upload, for example: You have a second screenshot of an anime episode, the best it to name is: S1 EP001 SS2.JPG or PNG. The S1 refers to the season , the EP001 refers to which episode the screenshot comes from and SS2 means screenshot. There is as well a high chance that the image you have uploaded will be renamed by another user to make it mosre appropriate and easier for you and your fellow contributors.